01 Sep 2022
Interview with Greg Jennett on ABC Afternoon Briefing
SUBJECTS: Jobs and Skills Summit, skilled migration, enterprise bargaining, increased productivity and wages, worker shortages designated area migration agreements, stage 3 tax cuts.
11 Aug 2022
Afternoon Briefing with Greg Jennett
Subjects: Paul Green, Taiwan, Veterans Royal Commission Interim Report, Jobs and Skills Summit, FMD
10 Aug 2022
Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News Regional
SUBJECTS: Jobs and Skills Summit, foot and mouth disease.
06 Jul 2022
Press conference, Mackay
SUBJECTS: Great Barrier Reef, Developing Northern Australia Conference, Northern Australia industry and resources, cost of living.
22 Jun 2022
Press Conference with Cr George Seymour
SUBJECTS: Flood recovery, manufacturing, housing crisis.