17 Nov 2023
Minister Catherine King radio interview, ABC Melbourne
Subjects: Suburban Rail Loop, airport station, Western Freeway.
17 Nov 2023
Transcript - Radio interview - ABC Brisbane with Steve Austin
SUBJECTS: Queensland infrastructure project funding, federal infrastructure funding review, comments from Queensland ministers
16 Nov 2023
Transcript of press conference, Canberra
SUBJECT: response to the independent review into the Infrastructure Investment Program.
14 Nov 2023
Q&A at the AFR Infrastructure Summit
SUBJECTS: Infrastructure spending and planning, Qatar Airways decision, High-Speed Rail, Inland rail
08 Nov 2023
Doorstop at Fremantle Port
SUBJECTS: Release of the Maritime Strategic Fleet Taskforce Report, Optus outage.
07 Nov 2023
Transcript of doorstop
Subjects: Electric chargers for Perth bus network, Infrastructure investment pipeline
07 Nov 2023
Radio interview ABC Perth
Subjects: Crash in Daylesford, Electrifying Perth's buses, sustainable aviation fuel
06 Nov 2023
Transcript - Interview - 2GB Ben Fordham Live
Subjects: Daylesford crash, Emergency response
06 Nov 2023
Transcript - ABC Radio National
Subjects: Daylesford crash, infrastructure
06 Nov 2023
Transcript - Interview - Today Show Nine Sydney
Subjects: Daylesford Pub Crash
06 Nov 2023
Transcript of doorstop
Subjects: Infrastructure investment pipeline review, ACCC monitoring of airfares
24 Oct 2023
Transcript - Interview - ABC Radio Sydney with Sarah Macdonald
Subjects: Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement, Insulation for homes, Kingsford Smith Flight Path Changes
24 Oct 2023
Transcript - Doorstop - Sydney
Subjects: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), noise insulation, effect on property values
16 Oct 2023
Transcript - Doorstop - Barton Highway
Subjects: Barton Highway duplication, The Voice referendum, Senate committee
08 Sep 2023
Transcript - TV interview ABC 7.30
QATAR airways flights into Australia, Aviation Green Paper