02 May 2024
18 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024
Keynote address to the 2024 CEDA Infrastructure conference
SUBJECTS: Infrastructure investment, BITRE construction figures, infrastructure reforms, inland rail, Independent Strategic Review, Roads to Recovery, Infrastructure Policy Statement, investment in transformative projects.
11 Apr 2024
Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Airport City Summit 2024
SUBJECTS: 1,000 days to Western Sydney International Airport, business and economic growth, Commonwealth’s broader investments across the region, Moorebank Intermodal Precinct, net-zero elements of the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport
19 Mar 2024
Transcript - Australian Renewable Fuels Week conference
SUBJECTS: Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap and Action Plan, aviation, maritime, heavy road vehicles.
06 Mar 2024
Opening speech at the National Level Safety Crossing Roundtable SPEAKER: Thank you for the callisthenics this morning too. For those of us who haven’t been to the gym yet, that was a good little workout as well.
14 Nov 2023
Australian infrastructure at the crossroads
Speech to the AFR Infrastructure Summit
13 Sep 2023
21 Jun 2023
Transcript - Media conference - Canberra Airport
SUBJECTS: Sustainable aviation fuel funding, Jet Zero Council
13 Jun 2023
Transcript - Press Conference, Perth
SUBJECTS: Rail carriage manufacturing, METRONET, creating skills and jobs.
11 May 2023
Transcript - Regional Budget Statement
SUBJECTS: First Nations Voice to Parliament, Regional Investment Framework, budget measures, services, childcare, education, community safety, housing, roads, Vision Zero, flooding, arts, industries, local economies, Net Zero.
06 Apr 2023
Transcript - media conference - Inland Rail Review
Subject: inland rail, single parents facing government payment reductions
31 Mar 2023
Transcript - speech - Trucking Australia 2023 conference
Subjects: Trucking in Australia, infrastructure investment, truck rest areas, heavy vehicle Road User Charge (RUC), climate change challenges, weather damaged bridges, Road and Rail Supply Chain Resilience Review, national heavy vehicle law reform
24 Mar 2023
Transcript - CEDA Infrastructure conference, Melbourne
Subjects: Voice to Parliament, streamlining infrastructure, theme: Delivering social and economic value, rail interoperability, land transport infrastructure policy statement, IIP, addressing market capacity constraints, resilience, women in construction