Visit to the United Kingdom and Europe

Tomorrow, I will depart for an important visit to the United Kingdom and Europe to further strengthen Australia’s digital and telecommunications sectors, and increase global cooperation to improve safety online. 

With Australians living in an increasingly digital global economy and society, bilateral meetings with key international counterparts and industry are essential in ensuring the nation can reach its potential. 

While in the United Kingdom, I will sign a new online safety arrangement with the UK Government to increase cooperation between our two countries on issues including child safety and technology-facilitated abuse.
I will also lead the Australian delegation to the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona; an opportunity to meet with telecommunications vendors and regulators at the pre-eminent annual global event.
The Congress will be an opportunity for Australia to learn directly from industry and regulators about key communications priority areas for the Australian Government, including the development and deployment of temporary disaster roaming and the modernisation of the universal service obligation.

International collaboration is crucial to how we prosper in an increasingly connected environment, from the way we connect to understanding emerging issues, and the opportunity to engage with government and industry leaders.
I welcome the opportunity to meet with various Ministers and regulators across the United Kingdom, European Union and Spain to ensure Australia is closely aligned with the global community.