21 Sep 2023
Interview with Kerry Peck, 2BS Brekky with Pecky
SUBJECTS: Light on the Hill dinner, Digital platforms regulation
19 Sep 2023
Interview with Wayne Buscombe, SWR 99.9
SUBJECTS: Voice referendum, School Students Broadband Initiative, Greenway Careers Day
18 Sep 2023
Press Conference - Parliament House
SUBJECTS: Voluntary code for online dating apps, draft misinformation and disinformation legislation, response by universities to sexual harassment on campuses
18 Sep 2023
Radio interview - ABC Brisbane Breakfast
SUBJECTS: Government demands dating sites do better by Australians.
18 Sep 2023
Interview with Peter Fegan, 4BC Brisbane Drive
SUBJECTS: National Roundtable on Online Dating Safety, The Voice
18 Sep 2023
Television interview - 10 News First
SUBJECTS: Voluntary code of practice for dating apps
15 Sep 2023
Interview with Matt Shirvington, Sunrise
SUBJECTS: Matildas FIFA World Cup matches added to anti-siphoning list
13 Sep 2023
Interview with Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan, ABC Brisbane Breakfast
SUBJECTS: Albanese Government introduces legislation to ban the use of credit cards for online gambling.
12 Sep 2023
Interview with Dan Crouch, Flow FM South Australia
SUBJECTS: Boost for South Australian families as free NBN opportunity delivered.
12 Sep 2023
Interview with Greg Jennett, ABC News Australia, Afternoon Briefing
SUBJECTS: Online Mis and Disinformation Draft Bill, Age Verification Roadmap, Australia Post Review.
06 Sep 2023
Interview with Katie Woolf, Mix 104.9 Darwin
SUBJECTS: School Student Broadband Initiative rollout in the Northern Territory
04 Sep 2023
Interview with Andy Park, ABC RN Drive
SUBJECTS: Mis and Disinformation Bill, Australian Post, Chair of the ABC appointment.
01 Sep 2023
Interview with Chris O'Keefe, 2GB Sydney
SUBJECTS: Mis and Disinformation Bill Exposure Draft, eSafety, Alannah & Madeline Foundation Digital Literacy Program, Social Media Code of Conduct
25 Aug 2023
Interview with Mavis Podokolo and Cynthia Seda, SIBC
SUBJECTS: FIFA Women’s World Cup, ABC International Development, Solomon Islands, Pacific Games
19 Aug 2023
Transcript - Press Conference, Brisbane
SUBJECTS: Women's sport; Anti-siphoning laws; ALP National Conference; Voice to Parliament.