06 Apr 2023
Transcript - Gippsland Regional Development Priorities Breakfast
Subjects: First Nations peoples Voice to Parliament, launch of the Gippsland Freight Infrastructure Master Plan, opportunities in regional communities, the changing nature of the Gippsland region.
29 Mar 2023
Transcript - Salvation Army Employment Plus mobile bus program launch - Canberra
Subjects: Voice in the Constitution for First Nations peoples, Salvation Army Employment Plus mobile bus program
29 Nov 2022
27 Oct 2022
Address to Australian Rural Leadership Foundation dinner
SUBJECT: Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
13 Oct 2022
Transcript - Minister McBain addresses the Municipal Association of Victoria Annual Conference
Subjects: National Awards for Local Government, collaboration between federal, state and local governments, Voice to Parliament referendum, Federal Government Financial Assistance Grants, rail freight.
02 Oct 2022
Transcript - Minister McBain addresses the Western Australian Local Government Association Convention
Subjects: Federal and local government partnerships, Local Government Association round table, survey of work force skills, housing affordability, regional investment, natural disaster preparedness, grants, WA local govt initiatives
13 Sep 2022
Keynote address at the Regional Australia Institute Summit dinner
SUBJECTS: Regional Australia, local government, COVID recovery, natural disaster recovery, Jobs and Skills Summit.
12 Aug 2022
Opening address to the Local Government Association of Queensland Forum
SUBJECTS: Local government, coastal council responsibilities, Jobs and Skills Summit, TAFE and vocational training, housing shortage.
19 Jun 2022
Speech at ALGA Conference
SUBJECTS: Local government cooperation, Commonwealth assistance for local governments