Strategic plan paves a path for regional development in Tasmania

A new strategic plan outlining priorities for regional Tasmania has been officially launched today. The plan was developed by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Tasmania in close partnership with the Australian, Tasmanian and local governments, industry, business and communities.

Set to act as a guide for regional development in Tasmania from 2023, the plan captures the significant opportunities available to government, industry, people and community – while also addressing the unique challenges that different Tasmanian regions face. The Plan also reflects the joint vision of all 3 levels of government.

It puts Tasmanians and their communities at the heart of regional development, in a way that also balances environmental and liveability needs. Key strategic priorities in the plan include:

  • Realising people’s economic potential, with a focus on workforce needs, the future economy, and small business
  • Being led by communities, including health and wellbeing outcomes, as well as social and economic inclusion
  • Prioritising the natural environment, by recognising the risk of climate change and leveraging the benefits of the net-zero transition.

For more information on RDA Tasmania, including the full strategic plan, visit  

Quotes attributable to Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Territories, and Member for Eden-Monaro, the Hon Kristy McBain MP:

“I am thrilled to be in Devonport today with a wide range of guests from the state and local governments, industry and the community to officially launch the Strategic Regional Plan for Tasmania 2023.

“The Albanese Labor Government is ensuring regional Australia remains a great place to live, work, study and do business. We demonstrate this day in and day out by continuing to invest in our regions – from the transport infrastructure people need to get around safely to the community initiatives that bring people together.

“But we know the best results will be achieved with everyone working together towards a common vision. That’s why we asked RDAs right across the nation to develop a plan that connects across all levels of government and identifies local, long-term investment priorities.

“RDA Tasmania has done an incredible job with their plan, which has been developed with stakeholders from all levels of government, business and the community here in the state, and I look forward to the positive impacts this will bring.”

Quotes attributable to RDA Tasmania Chair Sue Kilpatrick:

“This plan is a fantastic example of what’s possible when different levels of government, industry and community work together.

“By working closely across all of these stakeholder groups, we’ve done so much more than gain a detailed understanding of the key opportunities and challenges across the state’s regions – we’ve set up the government, industry and community ties needed to continue working together to deliver on the plan’s strategic priorities to drive economic and social growth.

“I want to thank my colleagues at RDA Tasmania for their hard work and commitment to the development of the Plan, and to everyone in the state who had their say, to form this ground-breaking roadmap to a stronger regional Tasmania.

“Tasmania as an island state faces unique opportunities and challenges. Our island status requires us to be innovative and produce high quality products and services that meet niche market needs. Everything we produce has to earn its ticket off the island.”