Completed bridges offer greater connectivity for Gladstone region's southern townships

Work to replace two timber bridges in the Lowmead area, near Gladstone, is now complete, with the bridges open to traffic.

Works on the Hobble Creek Bridge – located along John Clifford Way at the Hobble Creek Crossing commenced in mid-March.

The entire structure has been replaced with a new, durable concrete bridge offering greater load capacity than the original bridge, raising the load limit from 10 tonnes to 160 tonnes.

This bridge reopened to traffic on 7 May, with the second of the two bridges closing to traffic on the same day.

Works on the second timber bridge – located along Gorge Road at the Baffle Creek Crossing – involved the same construction process as the Hobble Creek bridge but provides a load capacity increase from 15 tonnes to 160 tonnes. This bridge reopened on 30 August.

The Hobble Creek Bridge and Gorge Road Bridge replacement projects were funded by the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Program Round 4 and Gladstone Regional Council.

Quotes attributable to Federal Regional Development, Local Government and Territories Minister Kristy McBain:

“This project is a great example of what the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal investment is all about – upgrading and replacing bridges to connect communities and reduce freight costs for businesses.

“It was great to visit Gladstone recently and speak with Mayor Matt Burnett of the critical importance of listening to the needs of local communities and industry.

“Good investment creates jobs, builds opportunity and unlocks economic growth and productivity.

“Resilient and reliable transport is the backbone of the nation, and this is a fantastic example of our investment benefitting the Gladstone region.”

Quotes attributable to Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett:

“I thank the Lowmead and surrounding communities, and affected road users, for their patience while works were carried out.

“Given the scope of the works and their location, additional travel time by way of detours was an unfortunate necessity, however I am confident that affected road users will now appreciate the structural improvements, along with the quieter and smoother travel that comes with it.

"Both bridges will offer greater connectivity for areas located at the southern end of the Gladstone Region.

“It had not been possible to transport cattle and heavy machinery across the existing bridges for several years due to their condition, but with these new bridges offering an increased load capacity it will restore bridge use for graziers and farmers and therefore reduce the need to take an alternative route.

“The bridge construction also provided opportunities for local businesses to provide services such as plant hire, concrete supply, and quarried materials.”