Apex Park inclusive playspace construction underway

The Albanese and Malinauskas governments continue to partner with local governments across South Australia to get high-priority community infrastructure off the ground – with construction of a new playspace in Apex Park in the Town of Gawler underway.

The $190,000 park will create a more inclusive space for all ages and abilities – supported by $90,000 from the Town of Gawler Council, $60,000 from the South Australian Government and $40,000 from the Australian Government under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

Chosen by the community, the playspace design derives from the three Rivers that run through Gawler, reflecting upon the importance of water to the area, both past and present.

The new accessible walkway represents Para River, connecting the existing two main entrances to four new inclusive play zones, which sit along the banks of the walkway like mini billabongs.

Each billabong targets several types of play, to help encourage a variety of play experiences for all ages and abilities.

Construction is expected to be completed by April 2024 and access around the lawn area adjacent to the southern edge of the existing playground will be limited during construction.

Access to the existing playground, public toilets facility and car parking will be maintained during this time.

The Town of Gawler invites residents and visitors alike to witness the transformation of Apex Park and join in the excitement as inclusive playspace becomes a reality.

Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Local Government, Kristy McBain MP:

“I started my career in local government because I wasn’t happy with a decision that was made about a playground in my own community, which is why I know that it’s incredibly important for all levels of government to invest in dynamic spaces that bring people together for recreation and events.

“It’s fantastic to see work underway at the new Apex Park, with this reimagined space just one of many projects we’re partnering with the Town of Gawler Council on, as part of over $2.7 million in LRCI funding from the Australian Government.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Spence, Matt Burnell MP:

“These community-chosen changes to Apex Park in the heart of Gawler will increase town accessibility and inclusivity.

“It is something to be proud of to expand on open-park spaces that encourage family utilisation, as it is such an important part of creating a close-knit social fabric within our society.”

Quotes attributable to State Member for Light, Tony Piccolo MP:

“This project demonstrates the benefits to the community when the three levels government work in partnership.

“What started as a smaller project as a result of an election commitment made by the Malinauskas Government has now grown into a significant piece of social infrastructure helping to create a more inclusive community.

“Both the State Government and the Town of Gawler have a strong commitment to ensuring we build infrastructure that meets the needs of current and future generations.”

Quotes attributable to Town of Gawler Mayor, Karen Redman:

“We believe in building a community where everyone feels welcome and included, and this playspace is a tangible expression of that vision.

“Together, let's continue building a Gawler that embraces diversity, fosters inclusion, and creates spaces where memories are made for generations to come."

Quotes attributable to Town of Gawler CEO, Henry Inat:

“In line with Town of Gawler’s Draft Playspace Strategy, the project demonstrates Council’s commitment to creating engaging and accessible spaces for everyone to enjoy.

“As we break ground on this exciting venture, we are grateful for the collaborative efforts between Australian, state and local goverments that have brought us to this moment.”