Action plan gives women's aviation initiative new wings

The Albanese Government has launched a new Strategic Action Plan to drive cultural change in the aviation industry to encourage women to take up long term careers in the sector.

The Plan draws on the lessons from the first four years of the Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative which aims to boost diversity and encourage more women to pursue job opportunities across the aviation sector by providing mentoring, guidance and networking opportunities.

It identifies priority areas for action including the need for cultural change to ensure women are welcomed into an inclusive and supportive industry.

Over the next financial year, $1.3 million will be available to fund activities relating to leadership and culture, visibility and awareness, collaboration and continuous improvement as outlined in the Plan.

We expect to release a formal process to seek proposals for projects in October.

The Plan will provide guidance and focus for the next four years of the Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative, driving immediate outcomes but also activities that will deliver sustained, generational change so women can look forward to building careers in the sector.

The Plan will continue to respond to changing needs over time.

Since it began, the Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative has invested $3.1 million to support a range of activities to increase visibility and awareness of the sector among young girls and women.

These collaborative efforts with industry partners and representatives have reached more than 200,000 women and girls, directly engaging with and mentoring more than 30,000 students, parents, teachers and career advisors.

To view the Women in Aviation Strategic Action Plan and for more information on the initiative, visit:….