$8.5 million to replace the Coppermine Creek Bridge in Cloncurry

The Albanese Government is continuing to work with the Cloncurry Shire Council to improve the safety and efficiency of the region’s road network with an $8.5 million joint investment being undertaken to replace the Coppermine Creek Bridge.

The project will replace the current structure of the bridge with a dual-lane connection, which will also feature a pedestrian crossing.

This will increase the bridge’s capability, provide better pedestrian access, and improve the passage way’s resilience in the event of a major flood – ensuring vital community access points in the region remain open.

The Bridges Renewal Program enabled a $5 million contribution by the Australian Government, with the council covering the remaining portion.

The replaced Coppermine Creek Bridge is one of 11 projects sharing in over $41 million under the latest Bridges Renewal Program funding.

The $85 million per year program supports upgrades and replacements of bridges to enhance access for local communities, and to facilitate higher productivity vehicle access.

More information on the Bridges Renewal Program can be found here.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Territories, the Hon Kristy McBain MP:

“As part of our on-going partnership with local governments, we’re investing over $41 million to support them to upgrade and replace ageing bridges across our regional and rural communities.

“As bridges meet the end of their operational life and as communities outside of our big cities grow, we’re ensuring that local infrastructure meets current and future demand.

“These projects will improve road safety, enable businesses to deliver and receive their products and services more efficiently, and reduce the long-term maintenance expenditure for local councils.”

Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister for Regional Development, Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm:

“Our government is committed to delivering the infrastructure and services that rural and remote communities need.

“We know how important the Coppermine Creek Bridge is for communities in the area and we’re proud to be working with the Cloncurry Shire Council to deliver this important upgrade.

“This funding will do exactly that, by replacing the current Coppermine Creek Bridge with a new dual-lane structure, that also features a safer crossing for pedestrians.”

Quotes Attributable to Mayor Greg Campbell:

“The Coppermine Bridge is a crucial link which connects our community.

"Residents and businesses use the bridge continuously and this funding allows construction of a wider, safer bridge and delivers pedestrian access for residents of all abilities.

"Our community is grateful for the funding and we look forward to local businesses benefiting from the construction.”