18 Jan 2023
Transcript - Minister Madeleine King interview with ABC Pilbara
Subjects: Critical minerals, Northern Australia, infrastructure facility, hastings technology, rare earths, international investment.
03 Nov 2022
Transcript - Minister Madeleine King tv interview with Sky News
Subjects: gas crisis, energy prices and iron ore exports.
31 Oct 2022
Doorstop interview, Darwin
Subjects: Northern Australia Ministerial Forum, defence presence in Northern Australia, Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct, gas supply and price, Australian netball sponsorship
17 Aug 2022
Karratha jobs and skills roundtable discussion
Subject: Northern Australia jobs and skills
06 Jul 2022
Press conference, Mackay
SUBJECTS: Great Barrier Reef, Developing Northern Australia Conference, Northern Australia industry and resources, cost of living.
16 Jun 2022
Joint media conference with Queensland Minister for Resources Scott Stewart
SUBJECTS: North Australia, NAIF, infrastructure projects, renewable energy