06 Mar 2023
Interview with Patricia Karvelas, ABC RN Breakfast
SUBJECTS: Week ahead in Parliament, Voice to Parliament referendum, changes to superannuation, Newspoll results, tax policy, interest rate rises, cost of living, Australian content on television.
02 Feb 2023
Interview with Christine Layton, ABC Radio Perth
SUBJECTS: National Gallery of Australia, Revive Program, quotas for streaming services
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Sabra Lane, ABC AM
SUBJECTS: National Cultural Policy announcement, Creative Australia and Australian content quotas
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Narelda Jacobs, Channel Ten, Midday
SUBJECTS: National Cultural Policy, Music Australia, Writers Australia, protection of First Nations Artists
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Michael Rowland, ABC News Breakfast
SUBJECT: National cultural policy announcement
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Dave Marchese, Triple J Hack
SUBJECTS: National Cultural Policy, Creative Australia, First Nations artists
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Peter Stefanovic, First Edition, Sky News
SUBJECTS: National cultural policy announcement, CFMEU pay demands, Voice to Parliament
30 Jan 2023
Interview with Karl Stefanovic, Channel 9, Today Show
SUBJECT: New legislation for streaming companies
09 Aug 2022
Interview with Michael Cathcart, ABC Radio National
SUBJECTS: National Cultural Policy, Arts Week.
06 Jul 2022
Interview with Kylie Baxter, ABC Radio Hobart
SUBJECT: National Cultural Policy consultation