Support for women's aviation careers taking flight

The Albanese Government is calling on experienced suppliers to help support women’s aviation careers.

The aviation industry has traditionally been dominated by men and we’re working to increase the number of women choosing an aviation career as well as encourage women already in the industry to stay through our $8 million Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative.

The initiative’s recently-released Strategic Action Plan, guiding its work until 2026, identified priority areas for the next stage of leadership and culture, visibility and awareness, and collaboration.

That’s why we’re looking to partner with qualified and experienced suppliers to deliver projects supporting these priority areas.

Leadership and culture projects can include training, resources and tools to promote cultural change, as well as mentoring and professional development.

It can also include research that builds on existing work to understand women’s choices to exit the aviation industry and using this research to support their retention.

Visibility and awareness projects can include education seminars, workshops and aviation events aimed at young girls and students, targeted community outreach initiatives to introduce aviation careers to under-represented groups, media campaigns and guidance materials to raise awareness of an aviation career path.

Collaboration projects can include communities of practice, joint training programs, workshops and networking events, and platforms and websites focused on information sharing where women have been traditionally underrepresented.

My department will hold an information session on the Approach to Market and provide an overview of the Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative Strategic Action Plan.

Please register via for further details.