Nation-building infrastructure for a better Australia

The Albanese Government is committed to delivering the infrastructure Australia needs, creating jobs and growing the economy while not increasing pressure on inflation.

The independent strategic review found that the Infrastructure Investment Program inherited from the former Coalition Government was undeliverable.

Following consultation with the States and Territories, we now have a forward plan of projects that are properly planned and targeted to unlock significant economic, social and environmental objectives.

Over the next ten years more than 400 individual ongoing projects are expected be completed or substantially developed, including:

  • North South Corridor - Torrens to Darlington
  • Logan - Gold Coast Faster Rail
  • M1 Pacific Motorway Extension to Raymond Terrace
  • Tanami Road in Central Australia
  • New Bridgewater Bridge

Through this investment we can grow the economy, improve productivity and take pressure off inflation.

The independent review found while local government programs are a critical funding mechanism for local roads and infrastructure, they are administratively burdensome and lack sufficient funding or certainty. The Commonwealth Government’s response to these recommendations will be announced in coming days.

The Government has also acted on the review recommendations to improve efficiency and flexibility in project deliverability on nationally significant road and rail corridors.

Many projects located along strategic national freight routes are now grouped into corridors. This approach will allow State and Territories to more flexibly manage project delivery schedules according to their priorities.

The Albanese Government has guaranteed $27 billion for a range of strategic freight and road safety corridor upgrades in regional Australia, including the Newell, Princes and Bruce Highways. We will work in partnership with States and Territories to deliver these corridors in a way that maximises the benefit of our shared investment.

As part of responding to the findings of the review, the Government has made necessary decisions to no longer provide funding at this time to some projects.

This includes projects that were not realistically going to be delivered with the funding available, have made little to no progress over a significant amount of time, and projects that do not align with Commonwealth or state and territory priorities.

We also know that there continue to be significant cost pressures in the system and we will work collaboratively and proactively with the states and territories to manage these.

Our Infrastructure Policy Statement defines the Commonwealth’s role, objectives and expectations for our significant investment in land transport projects.

From now on the Australian Government’s investment in infrastructure will focus on productivity, sustainability, and liveability.

This is the long-term reform for the benefit of the nation that is the hallmark of a Labor Government.

The Albanese Government will continue to work with all levels of Government to make it easier to get around our cities and suburbs and unlock the potential of our towns and regions.

We will also deliver infrastructure that makes driving on our roads safer and that sees more people on more trains.

The Albanese Government is committed to delivering infrastructure that builds Australia.

The review report's executive summary, the Final Report of the Independent Review of the National Partnership Agreement on Land Transport Infrastructure Projects and a summary of changes to projects funded under the Infrastructure Investment Program are available at Publications | Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.