Homegrown biofuels to cut aviation emissions

The Australian Government welcomes the joint announcement from Qantas and Airbus that they will invest a combined US$200 million to strengthen the sustainable aviation fuel industry here in Australia.

Sustainable fuels cut greenhouse gas emissions by around 80 per cent compared to traditional fuels and are able to be used in existing engines without significant modification.

Moving to sustainable fuels is the easiest way for the aviation sector to cut its emissions in the short to medium term, particularly for medium and long-haul flights.

Despite Australia currently exporting millions of tonnes of feedstock every year – such as canola and animal tallow – with the potential to be turned into sustainable fuel, we do not yet have a commercial domestic sustainable aviation fuels industry.

This investment will help cut emissions and create secure Australian jobs and industries.

The Australian Government is committed to working with industry to cut emissions and expand sustainable industries.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has already begun work on establishing a unit to work across government – and, importantly, with industry partners – to identify reductions and offsets in carbon emissions across the sector.

The new Australian Government looks forward to working with Qantas, Airbus and other industry partners to advance initiatives like this.

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