Early works prepare T2D for start of construction

Nearly five kilometres of utility service relocations have been completed in preparation for the North-South Corridor – Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project in Adelaide.

These works allow existing utility services on South Road to be decommissioned, clearing the way for the start of construction of the T2D project.

More than 700 metres of APA Group gas services have been installed, as well as more than 600 metres of SA Water services, more than 1.2 kilometres of SA Power Networks services and more than 2.3 kilometres of telecommunications services.

In addition to utility service relocation works, ground investigation works have been undertaken at many different sites to gain an understanding of the soil and ground water conditions along the South Road corridor.

The ground investigation works have involved drilling 693 boreholes to date, totalling more than 18 kilometres drilled.

The data collected from these investigations will help inform the detailed design of the tunnels and lowered motorway.

More than three kilometres of South Road has also been resurfaced between Bennet Avenue, Melrose Park and Glengarry Avenue, Glandore.

Resurfacing works along South Road involve removing the existing pavement and replacing it with new asphalt to ensure long-term safety and integrity of these sections ahead of the start of major T2D works.

These resurfacing works are continuing along South Road, with the section from Rothesay Avenue to Lloyd Street, Saint Marys now underway.

This comes as the Australian Government has significantly increased its investment in the project to match the South Australian Government’s $7.7 billion commitment to complete this project.

Early works are expected to be completed by 2025, at which time the main construction works will start – with tunnel boring machine works for the Southern Tunnels planned to begin in 2026. Project completion is expected in 2031.

Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine King:

“The Australian Government is committed to building safer, more efficient road networks like this project in Adelaide.

“Delivering these utility service relocations was a vital step forward and I’m very pleased to see the next phase of construction can continue on this important project.

“This work will ensure smoother and more efficient journeys for commuters, locals, public transport users and businesses.”

Quotes attributable to SA Infrastructure and Transport, Energy and Mining Minister Tom Koutsantonis:

“An incredible amount of preparation works is required to ensure the successful construction of a project of this magnitude.

“People often ask why major works won’t commence on the T2D project until 2025, but an unprecedented amount of early works have already been completed.

“Relocation of utility services might not be the most visible part of an infrastructure project, but these works are critically important in creating a safe passage for major construction works to be undertaken.

“More than 18 kilometres have been drilled across many different sites as part of ground investigation works to gain a better understanding of the geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions that will be encountered when the tunnels are excavated.

“We are all very keen to see the tunnels up and running, but this is the largest and most complex infrastructure project in the state’s history, and the team is working very hard to ensure we get the best possible outcome.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Adelaide Steve Georganas:

“I’d like to thank motorists and locals for their patience during the work. 

“I know roadworks can be frustrating at times, but it’s vital we progress with projects like these to ensure long-term benefits for commuters – such as smooth and safe journeys on our road network in and around Adelaide. 

"Good roads in Adelaide help us move forward, connecting where we want to go and making our community better.

"Ensuring safety on Adelaide's roads is a top priority for me. Maintaining our roads will help ensure that every individual deserves a secure journey while driving."

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Boothby Louise Miller-Frost:

“The Australian and South Australian governments are partnering to deliver stronger, safer and more efficient roads and it’s important we all work together to support better outcomes for communities.

“This is a project the people of Boothby regularly raise with me when I am out and about, as they know that this will help them commute to and from work every day.”

Quotes attributable to State Member for Elder Nadia Clancy:

“The resurfacing work on South Road is welcomed by my constituents in Elder, as well as by the many thousands of South Australians who use this important road corridor every day.

“This work will provide a benefit now as well as leaving a legacy that will remain even after the North South Corridor is completed in 2031.”

Quotes attributable to State Member for Badcoe Jayne Stinson:

“It’s fantastic to see the existing South Road being properly maintained while preparation for the final section of the North South Corridor projects ramps up.

“We still need a good-quality road surface while the major construction work is ongoing, and it’s fantastic to see this work being done so quickly, and staged to minimise traffic disruption.”