Building back better in northern New South Wales

Following last year’s devastating floods, $312.5 million was committed by the Albanese and Perrottet Toole Governments to help rebuild damaged roads and transport infrastructure for 26 disaster-declared councils in northern NSW, with successful projects announced today.

The Regional Road and Transport Recovery Package means roads can be not just rebuilt, but also improved to withstand future extreme natural weather events.

A total of 57 projects that will improve the resilience of roads, bridges and causeways have been successful under this package, which will greatly benefit local communities now and into the future.

The Regional Roads and Transport Recovery Package is equally co-funded by the federal and NSW governments under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Further information about the Regional Roads and Transport Recovery Package, including the full list of successful projects, is available here:

Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Catherine King:

"This program is about restoring roads in flood-impacted communities, but also making sure they’re more capable of withstanding future natural disasters.

"This will ensure communities are safer and will also reduce repair costs in the future.

"The Albanese Government is committed to projects that will make a difference long term, and it’s great to see that result here."

Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt:

"Straight after the floods, the Commonwealth and NSW Governments activated disaster recovery funding to help councils with emergency repair work, to help regions get back on their feet.

"We know that longer-term support to build back better is really important to make sure communities are better prepared for future natural disasters.

"Under this program, roads and transport infrastructure will be rebuilt to a higher standard, making it more resilient to future disasters."

Quotes attributable to NSW Regional Transport and Roads Minister Sam Farraway:

"The NSW Government is moving our state forward by building back better the infrastructure projects needed to withstand future extreme weather events and emergencies.

"It is an enormous change to the way governments respond to natural disasters and is the first time we have built improved resilience into our natural disaster recovery programs.

"It made little sense to see, for example, a road washed away in one flood and for a council to repair it, only for it to wash away again in the next.

"This program is just one part of the NSW Government’s comprehensive plan to ensure our transport infrastructure is resilient to withstand future disasters, reduce recovery costs, keep our communities connected and keep our supply chain operational and efficient."