ARTC showcases 'Made in Australia' rail safety technology

Australian innovation is leading the way in modernising the nation’s vast interstate network, with works progressing on the broader deployment of the next-generation train control system, Advanced Train Management System (ATMS).

Australian Rail Track Corporation, which maintains and operates 8,500 kilometres of railway, has brought together specialised teams developing the GPS-based technology together at its new Rail Innovation and Safety Hub in Adelaide.

The Rail Innovation and Safety Hub enhances South Australia’s strengths in advanced manufacturing, digital infrastructure and technology – skills that are critical to Australia’s ongoing economic prosperity.

The development of ATMS will create up to 300 direct jobs and support a further 700 indirect jobs.

The new ARTC Rail Innovation and Safety Hub caters for around 70 engineers, digital specialists and technology leaders currently working on the ATMS technology platform.

ATMS brings the interstate rail network into the digital age, with significant improvements to safety, capacity, reliability and productivity, with benefits for the entire supply chain and consumers.

Further development of ATMS and its installation on the interstate rail network will contribute to Australia’s reputation as a hub for highly skilled digital and technology jobs.

ATMS is now operating on the ARTC network between Port Augusta and Whyalla, South Australia and planning for deployment across the Nullabor, between Tarcoola and Kalgoorlie is underway.

ATMS delivers real-time monitoring of trains with GPS and mobile technology and is being developed with the assistance of the Australian Government.

Delivering a simplified train control and network operating system ATMS is a far easier and more efficient system for train drivers and network controllers to use, delivering vast safety improvements and reducing operational and maintenance costs. 

Quotes attributable to Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King:

“Adelaide is not just the hub of our national rail network but a leader in advanced manufacturing, digital infrastructure and technology.

“ATMS promises to grow those skills and further develop this city as a global hub for the digital revolution that is constantly changing before our eyes.

“The Australian Government is absolutely committed to making our rail networks as safe as possible and is very proud of our investment in the ATMS platform and supporting Australia’s Smart Economy and using technology to help contribute to reducing emissions by moving more freight on rail.

“There are significant benefits to the companies that rely on the ARTC network to move freight along their transit routes quicker and more reliably, reducing costs and helping to keep the price of goods and services down for every Australian.”

Quotes attributable to Mark Campbell, Chief Executive Officer at ARTC:

“Implementing an improved safety environment with a technology platform like ATMS takes effort and investment, that’s why we are proud to be working with the Australian Government to make our rail network even safer.

“We are also very proud that this technology is being developed right here in South Australia, using the skills and knowledge of local workers to help make our national rail network safer and more productive.

“Improving safety on our rail networks is not just the right thing to do, it will also help drive greater usage of our rail networks and get more trucks off our roads.”