Approval of Melbourne Airport Master Plan

I have today approved the Melbourne Airport Master Plan in accordance with section 81 of the Airports Act 1996.

Airport Master Plans are designed to provide high level approval for medium and long-term airport development.

Today’s approval does not indicate an approval of the future Major Development Plan for the proposed third runway, which is a separate process subject to assessment on its own merits against the requirements of the Act.

As expected, many members of the communities surrounding the airport have made representations regarding their views on Melbourne Airport’s proposed north-south third runway project and the impacts it will have on their homes and lives.

In providing today’s approval, I have indicated my concerns regarding some aspects of the proposal – including changes to the existing runways and noise sharing and mitigation arrangements.

The management of these concerns will be an important consideration during the assessment of the Major Development Plan, which is expected to be submitted in early 2023.