One death on Tasmanian roads is too many

One death on our Tasmanian roads is too many. That fatal accidents in Tasmania have increased nearly 70 per cent in the last year should be of concern to us all.

Tasmania has recorded 52 fatalities in the twelve months to 31 May this year.

In the previous 12-month period that figure was 31.

Before we put this down to the increasing number of drivers on our roads after COVID lockdowns - our road toll was 30 in 2019 and 35 in 2018.

But as we do emerge from lockdowns and home-based work, and particularly with school holidays starting across the country, it's an important time to remind ourselves of the basics that keep us safe on the roads.

Speed limits are set after careful consideration of the environment and the vehicles that will be using the road.

Our beautiful Tasmanian wildlife can also stray onto our roads at any time creating additional risk, so it is vitally important we stick to the speed limit.

Mobile phones, our stunning scenery and even conversations with friends can distract you from driving.

A moment's inattention can have dreadful consequences so please keep your eyes, and mind, on the road.

It is great that more Tasmanians are getting out and seeing our beautiful state, but make sure you are properly rested before every trip.

Driving while tired can be the same as driving after a few drinks; your reaction times are slower which affects your ability to handle unexpected incidents.

The Albanese Government is working to reduce the road toll Australia wide, engaging closely with state, territory and local governments, as well as other stakeholders, to implement the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030.

We are also supporting a range of projects that are examining and remediating the contributors to road accidents; from road safety awareness and innovation activities to upgrading driver reviver sites and providing over $3 billion for the fast roll-out of lifesaving road treatments on rural and regional roads, as well as greater protection for vulnerable road users in urban areas.

No deaths on Australian roads by 2050 is the Albanese Government's Vision Zero, but we all need to play our part.

Drive so others survive.

Originally published in The Examiner on 4 July 2022.