School zone speed limit signs upgraded across Tasmania

Nearly 600 electronic speed limit signs at school zones throughout Tasmania have been replaced with upgraded and networked signs under a $9.5 million program jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments.

The new solar-powered signs have an electronic display that will notify drivers when school crossings are active and display the applicable speed limit.

The technology links them to the Traffic Management Centre in Hobart.

This will allow any faults to be identified and managed remotely, reducing the amount of time they are out of action, as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

They can also operate without sunlight and in adverse weather for extended periods of time using internal backup batteries.

The signs can also relay important information about vehicle and pedestrian traffic, which will help manage the road environment better.

The $9.5 million Electronic School Speed Sign Upgrade program was jointly funded by the Australian Government, which contributed $5.5 million, and the Tasmanian Government, which contributed $4 million.

Quotes attributable to Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown:

“We all want our children to get to school and home safely, so these new signs will make road users aware of the need to slow down and stay alert while the upgraded technology keeps them operating more reliably and efficiently.

“The Australian Government is pleased to have partnered with the Tasmanian Government in ensuring these latest technology signs not only assist traffic to pass safely at 40 km/h but provide an even clearer picture of what is happening on the road including changes to traffic conditions.”

Comments attributable to Tasmanian Infrastructure and Transport Minister Michael Ferguson:

“The completion of the replacement of the nearly 600 speed signs in the 40 km/h zones will give peace of mind to both students and drivers passing through these school crossings across Tasmania.

“Road safety in school zones is a high priority and electronic signs help keep drivers aware of changed conditions such as the reduced speed during peak school drop off and pickup times.”