Safer roads for Queenslanders

Queensland is set to receive $21.7 million under the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program to fund the improvement of 38 dangerous crash sites on the state’s roads in 2023-24.

The Albanese Government continues to invest $110 million per year in the Black Spot Program, which funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred, or are at risk of occurring.

It has been a devastating 12 months in Queensland, with 282 people dying on our roads.

These 38 Black Spot projects will make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on Queensland’s roads, and build on previous investments in the state.

Black Spot Consultative Panels provide the opportunity for stakeholders to have a say in the project selection process, and ensure that nominations of the highest priority and importance to the local community are recommended for approval.

The panel that reviews priorities for the program in Queensland includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Local Government Association of Queensland, Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Queensland Trucking Association, Bicycle Queensland, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (Queensland University of Technology), Traffic Management Association of Australia, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit

Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown:

“The projects include works on roads such as the corner of Bumstead Road and Julie Street in Crestmead, which has had 11 crashes between 2017-21 which led to injuries. The $908,000 of funding provided to Logan City Council aims to eliminate the risk of crashes at the intersection.

“In Inala, Brisbane City Council nominated Inala Avenue and Kittyhawk Avenue for a range of works to increase the safety of the intersection for all road users. The intersection was nominated as it had recorded seven crashes causing injuries in 2017-21.

“Across the state, the safety investments will make Queensland roads safer for all road users.

“In announcing these new projects, this Government recognises the importance of working with the Queensland Government to partner with local councils to deliver the program in the state.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Blair and Chair of the Queensland Black Spot Consultative Panel Shayne Neumann:

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent, on average.

“My community in Blair will benefit from safety improvements to roads across our neighbourhoods. This includes the intersection at Robertson Road and Whitehill Road in Eastern Heights, where 12 crashes causing injury were recorded between 2017 and 2021. Thanks to Black Spot Program funding, a central median will be installed on Robertson Road to prevent right turning movements.

“This Government is investing in road safety right across the nation to ensure Australians get home safely every trip.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Oxley Milton Dick:

“Black Spot Program funding targets known and high severity (fatalities and serious injuries) crash sites.

“I’m pleased that a number of projects will be funded in my community of Oxley. This includes a project on Old Logan Road and Formation Street in Carole Park nominated by Ipswich City Council, where advanced warning static and flashing signs will be installed, and right-turn filtered movement removed.

“This will substantially improve this dangerous crash site in my electorate.”

Queensland Black Spot Program 2023–24

Project Name

Proposed Treatment

Australian Government Contribution



Tanby Road

2.8 kilometres south-west of Kinka Beach Road


Post Crest signs where vertical clearance is adequate for 70 km/h and Reduce Speed sign and T-Intersection sign installed at southbound end of Tanby Road




Scenic Highway

Percy Ford Street


Install a controlled right turn for northbound vehicles on the Scenic Highway performing a right turn into Percy Ford Street




Targo Street

Burnett Street


Install concrete median on Targo Street, new tactile surface indicators to existing pedestrian ramps, adequate street lighting and additional signage                                    



Bundaberg Regional

Farnborough Road

north north-west of Hinz Avenue


Install new signage as per speed limit review, Chevron Alignment Markers and guideposts, guard rail and Audio Tactile Line Marking




Old Logan Road

Formation Street


Install an advanced warning static sign and an advanced warning flashing sign and remove right-turn filtered movement




Browns Plains Road

Fifth Avenue


Remove the right-turn filter movement on Browns Plains Road eastern approach, and extend the right-turn lane. Improve pedestrian crossing safety by installing wombat crossings and reseal the intersection pavement




Robertson Road

Whitehill Road


Upgrade the intersection with a left-in, left-out treatment for Whitehill Road by installing a central median in Robertson Road through the intersection to prevent right-turning movements




Johnston Road

Forestdale Drive


Remove filter-turn movement and provide additional storage length for the turning lane




Conway Road

12 kilometres south south-west of Shute Harbour Road


Install Audio Tactile Line Marking, Chevron Alignment Markers, edgelines, guide posts, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers and new seal on unsealed approaches



Whitsunday Regional

Bumstead Road

Julie Street


Install traffic signal control and wombat crossings




Alfred Street

Elizabeth Street


Install road humps on all approaches and provide pedestrian refuge on western leg of the intersection



Townsville City

Plunkett Road

between Chardon Bridge Road and 100 metres south-west of Steele Road


Install crash barriers and intersection lighting and undertake shoulder widening




Johnson Road

430 metres east of Centenary Highway


Provide directional hazard signs, curve warning signs, guideposts and advisory speed sign, clearing of vegetation on the inside of the curve, and provision of guardrail on the outside of the curve




Appin Street West

Cairns Street


Install channelised right-turning provisions, turning lines, median island advanced intersection warning signs and streetlighting, and restrict on-street parking



South Burnett

Bourbong Street

O’Connell Street


Install raised concrete median, painted chevron median, concrete pathway, kerb ramps on all legs, new Give Way signage and street lighting



Bundaberg Regional

Browns Plains Road

Waller Road


Extend lanes on the right-turn lanes and install mast arms with overhead lanterns, advanced warning signals on the western approach on Browns Plains Road and wombat crossings on all slip lanes




Bennetts Road

Macrossan Avenue


Amend signals to ban right turns and signals to fully control right turn, revised traffic signs and line marking and provision of raised pedestrian crossings




Bridge Street

Holberton Street


Split signal phases to remove filter turns on north-south approaches, create dedicated left-turn lanes, mark cycle lane and increase delay start time



Toowoomba Regional

Mt Low Parkway

Shoalmarra Drive


Install raised platforms on each major road approach. Provide pedestrian refuge at existing crossing point on northern leg by extending raised median and re-line marking northbound departure lanes on existing surface




Derby Street

Between 50 metres south-west of Kent Street intersection and 50 metres north-east of Denison Street intersection


Install single-lane roundabout, raised safety platforms, Vehicle Activated Signs and improved intersection signage, prohibit parking adjacent to intersection and improve roadway lighting




West Street

Margaret Street


Split signal phases to remove filter turns on east-west approaches and improve pedestrian safety with increased delay start time



Toowoomba Regional

Bamford Lane

Mill Drive


Install raised wombat crossings on all approaches to roundabout




Logan Reserve Road

School Road


Install a signalised intersection without filter movements by controlling all the existing conflicting movements, and install Mast Arms with Overhead Signal Faces on Logan Reserve Road




Old Gympie Road

10.1 kilometres north of Beerburrum Woodford Road


Install width markers, static alignment warning signs, Chevron Alignment Markers, road-edge guidepost, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers, and Audio Tactile Line Marking. Minor widening works/alignment changes where required




Goonyella Road

from Mills Avenue to 221 metres past Thorpe Street


Install reflective guide posts, line marking and Raised Reflective Pavement Markers



Isaac Regional

Gregory Street

from Stanley Street to Eyre Street


Install on-road cycle lanes and narrow the travel lanes, build out kerbs at intersections and reduce speed limit to from 60 km/h to 50 km/h




Denham Street

between Bruce Highway and Canning Street


Resurface and install a three-metre-wide painted centre median with edge lines, Give Way Lines, pedestrian refuge, additional street lighting, small section of concrete footpath and kerb ramps




Inala Avenue

Kittyhawk Avenue


Install signage, controlled pedestrian crossings and push button for signals for driveway access, modify median, provide channelisation and revise traffic signs and line marking




Soper Street

Graham Street


Install a roundabout




Veivers Road

from Beaudesert Beenleigh Road to Chardon Bridge Road


Install crash barriers and intersection lighting, widen shoulders at certain locations of the road and install safety barriers along Veivers Road




Commercial Street

Production Street


Install raised safety platform, new Give Way signage and tactile ground surface indicators. Reinstate line marking at the intersection



Bundaberg Regional

Upper Dawson Road

at Canning Street and Derby Street


Provide various intersection improvements at the Upper Dawson Road, Canning Street and Derby Street intersection including raised safety platform, channelised right turns, blister islands, pedestrian crossings and refuges




Nissen Street

Islander Road


Install traffic signals and pedestrian signal phasing for pedestrian and cyclist movements



Fraser Coast

Bay Terrace

Chestnut Street


Install centre medians with pedestrian refuges and build-outs on both approaches of Chestnut Street, and revised traffic signs and line marking to suit new intersection layout




Commercial Street

Johanna Boulevard


Install raised safety platform on all approaches, reconstruct and extend centre medians, install new signage, reconstruct all pedestrian kerb ramps and the roundabout and install staggered Give Way line marking arrangement



Bundaberg Regional

Gordon Street

South Street


Update phasing to include pedestrian protection, update cable run to align with clearance times and install Mast Arms and signals




Scenic Highway

1.1 kilometres south-east from Old Scenic Highway and 1.7 kilometres north-west from Clayton Road


Provide line marking to delineate channelised right turn, line marking to deter people from parking adjacent to 150 Scenic Highway, footpaths, pedestrian crossing facility and install street lighting




Beerburrum Street

Cooroy Street


Change existing low-entry left-turn slip lane with signalised left-turn lane and signalise intersection