Safer journeys for cyclists front and centre of new upskilling program

In the last twelve months (ending February 2023), forty cyclists died on Australian roads[1].

With the number of cyclists on our roads and local infrastructure, we must ensure that infrastructure design and decision-making is made with cyclist safety in mind[2].

Today the Australian Government and Amy Gillett Foundation have officially launched a new $6 million cycling safety program that will contribute to the reduction of road trauma in Australia.

The new Amy Gillett Foundation Program will deliver long-term road safety benefits by improving cycling safety knowledge, resources and tools.

The program will include two complementary projects, an Upskilling and Collaboration project as well as a Mapping and Data project.

The Upskilling and Collaboration project will educate key infrastructure decision makers such as governments and engineers about best-practice road building for safe cycling, to improve cycle-safe infrastructure right across the country.

The Upskilling and Collaboration aspect of the program will have a particular focus on working to upskill local government workers.

The Mapping and Data project will test new approaches to documenting how safe roads and streets currently are for cyclists, and review current tools used in the road design process with a cycling safety lens.

The information gathered in the mapping project will help with infrastructure project selection, investment and design, to support better road safety outcomes.

The projects will be led by the Amy Gillett Foundation, which is a leading cycling safety organisation in Australia – driven by a core mission to reduce the death and injury of cyclists.

Under the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-25 released last month, the Australian Government will be funding programs to reduce risks to cyclists, pedestrians and motorcycle riders as well as future proof the systems to protect vulnerable road users. Supporting the Amy Gillett Foundation Program is just one of the ways the Government is meeting its commitments in the Action Plan.

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Quotes attributable to Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown:

“Cycling is a significant part of the Australian lifestyle. It is a common form of transport, recreation and sport, with many Australians also enjoying the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

“But we know how vulnerable road users such as cyclists are on our roads. Even a single death on our roads is one too many, with the impact of road crashes being devastating for those involved, as well as their families and communities.

“That’s exactly what this program is about, as it will embed best-practice road building for safe cycling into the delivery of road infrastructure projects throughout Australia – while also improving access to high-quality data to support future project investment decisions.”

[1] Road Fatalities Australia Monthly Bulletin - March 2006 (