Road safety roundtable highlights the need for collaboration to tackle road safety concerns

Today in Melbourne, road safety experts and advocates met with Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown in the lead up to the development of the Road Safety Action Plan. 

Participants of the roundtable spoke broadly about how to better collect and use data to inform road safety infrastructure spending.

The need to better distinguish between members of vulnerable road user groups, was raised by many of the stakeholderspresent. 

Participants representing workers on our roads called for an increased understanding that the road is the workplace of hundreds of thousands of Australians. 

Quotes attributed to Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown: 

“Each and every death on our roads is a tragedy. 

As a government, we are committed to working collaboratively across States, Territories, local governments, and communities in working towards Vision Zero, because road safety is a shared responsibility. 

We will use the knowledge and expertise from today’s roundtable to help strengthen the development of the draft Road Safety Action Plan.”