Response to national truck crash accident report 2022

Truck driving is Australia’s deadliest industry.

Reports such as todays from the NTI are vital in painting the picture of truck crashes around the country.

The report found that in 2021, there was 1001 incidents involving a heavy vehicle on Australian roads. 

The Australian Government works closely in collaboration with State and Territory Governments, industry, and the community to advance road safety measure to keep truck drivers safe at work and on our roads.

During the election Campaign, the now Government committed to funding a Rest Area Program to address the lack of quality rest areas along major freight routes across the country. The Rest Area Program will be delivered in conjunction with truck drivers and industry experts, ensuring that lived experience is front and centre of program delivery.

This week the Australian Government and the National Heavy Vehicle Regular announced the successful projects to be funded under the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative. See media release here. See projects announced here.

The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative program supports projects that will deliver tangible improvements to heavy vehicle safety and flow on improvements to the safety of the whole community on our roads. The Australian Government has invested in 132 HVSI projects over the last six years to work towards a safer and more productive heavy vehicle industry.

In this funding round of $5.6 million, the Australian Government is investing in further driver training. This training will include a road hazard program that helps new drivers navigate driving in different conditions, managing fatigue and the importance of conducting daily safety checks to ensure a heavy vehicle is road worthy.

The Australian Government has committed to invest $65 million per year into the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program. The Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program funds projects to widen and upgrade freight routes as well as upgrading and building new truck stops. The next round of funding for the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program will be announced in coming weeks.

Quotes attributed to Senator Carol Brown, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport:

“The annual report from NTI is an important measure of truck related incidents on our roads.”

“Within the next 10 years, Australia’s freight task is expected to increase by 80 per cent. With more trucks on our roads than ever before, the Australian Government is investing in road safety through infrastructure and dedicated programs for transport workers.”

“I am proud to be delivering the Rest Area Program which will work with truck drivers and industry experts to build and upgrade rest areas across freight routes across the country.”

“As a government, we know that quality rest is essential for safe trucking.”