Queensland kids to be Wheely Wise on their bikes

The Albanese Government is partnering with PCYC Queensland to deliver a comprehensive set of cycling education resources for primary school students in years 4 to 6.

The Wheely Wise program will deliver skills in riding preparation, balancing, braking, turning safely, signalling, head checks, pathway intersections, hazards, route planning, side by side riding and circuit riding.

The partnership will be delivered through the Albanese Government's National Road Safety Action Grants Program (NRSAGP).

The program, as announced in the 2023-24 Budget, provides vital funding to non-infrastructure road safety projects and programs across the country.

The next round of the NRSAGP is currently open and applications are welcome from organisations seeking funding for programs and projects in the First Nations, research, innovation and data.

For more information, including the grant guidelines to check your eligibility and to apply, visit:  http://www.roadsafety.gov.au or https://help.grants.gov.au.

Quotes attributed to Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown:

“The Wheely Wise program will be delivered to over 36,000 students in years 4-6 across selected regions in Queensland.

“Last year five bike riders were killed on Queensland roads, with another almost 1,500 hospitalised for injuries. Every single death on our roads is a tragedy.

“By supporting programs like Wheely Wise, the Albanese Government is ensuring our kids are equipped with the knowledge for using our roads safely.”

Quotes attributed to PCYC Queensland CEO, Phil Schultz:

“The interactive nature of the Wheely Wise program will make learning about road safety an engaging experience, fostering a positive attitude towards responsible bike safety from an early age.

“The Wheely Wise program is an example of the proactive measures we can take to shape a safer future on our roads.

“The federal Government’s support of this program will help children stay active and healthy while staying safe on our roads.

“Wheely Wise will work alongside other PCYC Queensland road safety programs, by fostering a culture of risk awareness and protective behaviours.

“Wheely wise is a great new addition to PCYC’s intervention, prevention and diversionary programs, which are now also reaching a younger age groups.”