One step closer to better care for Tasmanian children with hearing loss

The Shepherd Centre will be signing their first lease on office space in Tasmania in coming days. This comes after the now Albanese Labor Government committed $2.5 million during the election campaign for the establishment of two Shepherd Centres, one in Hobart and another in Launceston.

The Shepherd Centre provide support services, including development of speech and communication skills, life skills and emotional resilience, to hearing impaired kids and teens.

The care the Shepherd Centre provides will ensure Tasmanian families can get the critical help and early intervention they need for their kids.

Until recently, Shepherd Centre workers would fly in to Tasmania from Melbourne to deliver their vital services.

This commitment will mean the Shepherd Centre is able to provide a comprehensive reach across Tasmania – with hubs in the South and the North of the state.

Quotes attributed to Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Senator Carol Brown:

“Hearing loss is a major disability and it can impair a child’s education and future opportunities in life.

The Shepherd Centre make a practical difference to the lives of kids with hearing impairments and their families.

Having the Shepherd Centre in Tasmania means up to two thousand Tassie kids will have a better, more inclusive, future; that is worth celebrating.”

Quotes attributed to Timea Tokes, mum of Amilla Britten who receives care from the Shepherd Centre:

“Having the presence of the Shepherd Centre in Tasmania has changed our lives.

With the help of the Shepherd Centre, our daughter (Amilla) has become so much more confident in her speech.

Not only has the Shepherd Centre helped directly with Amilla’s speech but has created a community of parents supporting kids with hearing impairments. I am truly grateful of the support network both Amilla and I have found through the Shepherd Centre.

Our family, and I know all other Shepherd Centre families, are relieved that Tasmanian kids with hearing impairments will receive the best care – right here in Tassie.”

Note: This is an election commitment, with more information available at Delivering Better Care for Kids with Hearing Loss | Policies | Australian Labor Party (