This National Driver Fatigue Week, remember – sleep is the only cure to tiredness

National Driver Fatigue Week is a week to educate road users that a power nap is a viable intervention strategy to overcome fatigue while driving. 

There were 1,187 deaths on our roads last year – a devastating statistic.

We don’t want to see anyone at risk of being endangered by fatigue on the road – and we don’t want to see the death toll climb.

Earlier this month, the Albanese Government released the National Road Safety Action Plan (2023–25). 

This Action Plan has nine key priority areas – including heavy vehicle safety and workplace road safety. 

Federal, state and territory governments have, under the Action Plan, agreed to achievable and measurable actions to reduce road trauma. 

The Plan will support local governments, through the development of a National Road Safety Data Collection and Reporting Framework and Minimum Data Set, to improve the data they hold on their local network. 

This will allow local governments to have a better understanding of the safety of their network, prioritise their investment in local infrastructure and engage with their communities about road safety. 

The Framework will also provide a national minimum data needed to inform public policy at the national level, and progress towards delivering the Strategy. 

So, remember, if you are tired – pull up in a designated rest area and have a power nap; it could save your life or the life of someone else.

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