Grant helps encourage kids to stay safe walking to school

The Australian Government is backing efforts to encourage kids to make safe and healthy choices on National Walk Safely to School Day, held on 19 May 2023.

A $30,000 grant has been awarded to the Pedestrian Council of Australia from the Government’s Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund, supporting tomorrow’s 2023 event.

The fund backs community organisations, road safety groups and local governments to run independent and targeted road safety initiatives that motivate and support action among key stakeholders, consumer groups and the community.

Now in its 24th year, National Walk Safely to School Day works with schools across Australia to encourage primary school-aged children to walk or commute safely to school.

This includes inspiring more parents and carers to walk to school with their children, helping them develop vital crossing skills, and ensuring kids aged under 10 always hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road.

It also raises awareness on the health benefits of regular walking, while promoting the use of public transport to reduce car dependency, pollution and traffic congestion.

The campaign coincides with National Road Safety Week 2023, running this week from May 14-21, which highlights the impact of road trauma and ways everyone can help reduce it.

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Quotes attributable to Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King:

“Road trauma and deaths have a devastating impact on families and friends, first responders, as well as the wider community – and one life lost is one too many.

“Data from the Office of Road Safety tells us that sadly, 312 people have already lost their lives on Australia’s roads in the year to March 2023. Tragically, this toll includes eight children aged between 8 and 16.

“That’s why the Australian Government is committed to supporting and helping fund initiatives like National Walk Safely to School Day – paving the way to our vision of no deaths or serious injuries on Australia’s roads by 2050.

“Through the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 and the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-25, the Australian and state and territory governments are collectively committed to improving road safety outcomes for everyone.”

Quotes attributable to Infrastructure and Transport Assistant Minister Carol Brown:

“Teaching children road awareness lays the foundations for them to make safe and healthy choices as adult road users into the future.

“By backing National Walk Safely to School Day, the Australian Government is reinforcing the message that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“I applaud the work of the Pedestrian Council of Australia to educate and support children, parents and carers to drive down road-related injuries and fatalities, which remains one of our top priorities.

“I encourage everyone to join in this important event not only for today, but as the starting point for lifelong safe, healthy habits.”