Funding for 47 new Black Spot projects in Victoria

Funding under the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program will substantially improve 47 dangerous crash sites on Victorian roads in 2022–23.

The state will receive $18.4 million under the Black Spot Program’s 2022–23 funding round.

The Black Spot Program funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred, or are at risk of occurring.

The 47 Black Spot projects across Victoria will make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on local roads, and build on previous investments in the state.

Black Spot Consultative Panels provide the opportunity for stakeholders to have a say in the project selection process, and ensure that nominations of the highest priority and importance to the local community are recommended for approval.

The panel that reviews priorities for the program in Victoria includes representatives from the Traffic Management Association of Australia, Victorian Transport Association, Victoria Police, Road Safety Victoria, the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria and the Victorian Department of Transport.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit

A list of funded projects is available below.

Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown:

“This major investment is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to building safer roads.

“The Australian Government has committed $110 million per year to the Black Spot Program to improve road safety across the nation.

“In announcing these new projects, this Government recognises the importance of working with the Victorian Government to partner with local councils to deliver the program in the state.

“This Government is investing in road safety right across the nation to ensure Australians get home safely every trip.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Member for Bendigo and Chair of the Victorian Black Spot Consultative Panel Lisa Chesters:

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average.

“This investment in Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads throughout the state.”

Victorian Black Spot Program 2022–23

Project Name

Proposed Treatment

Australian Government Contribution


Bogong High Plains Road
14 kilometres South-West of Omeo Highway

Install safety barriers, new advance warning signage at corners, dragon's teeth linemarking on corner approaches, new guideposts and audio tactile centerline


East Gippsland

Quarry Road
Approximately 210 metres north of intersection with Brown Coalmine Road and approximately 170 metres south of intersection with Manfa Court

Install safety barriers at two bends. Improve delineation, including curve warning, road markings, raised pavement markers, advisory speed signs and install safety barriers. Reduced lane width around bends using edgelines


Latrobe City

Ironbark Road
from Collins Street to Yan Yean Road

Seal shoulders, install traffic islands, kerb and channels, safety barriers, and signage and improve delineation 



Wood Street
Holdsworth Road to Havilah Road

Install midblock pedestrian crossing facilities and median turn lane. Install shared path and footpath on the north side of Wood Street. Modify on-street parking, narrow lane and improve delineation


Greater Bendigo

Fogartys Gap Road
Woodbrook Road

Widen road to include 1.5-metre-wide sealed shoulders, improve delineation, extend culverts with trafficable end walls and remove roadside hazards


Mount Alexander

Monash Road
Shanahan Parade

Reduce speed limit and install painted centre median and parking lines, raised wombat crossings with flashing lights and street lighting and Give Way linemarking and signage on minor legs


Latrobe City

Geelong Road
Mitford Parade and Whitely Parade

Modify Geelong Road median and intersections of Mitford Parade and Whitley Parade to ban right turns from side streets. Narrow service road at Mitford Parade to reinforce one-way restriction. Install Wombat crossing and speed hump on service road



Inglis Road
Approximately 200m northwest of Beaconsfield-Emerald Road

Install safety barriers on the north side of the bend



Nungurner Road
550m east of Rosherville Road and 600m west of Nungurner Jetty Road

Install new dragon's teeth linemarking on approach to a number of corners and improve delineation


East Gippsland

Sydney Road
Lynch Road

Upgrade traffic signals by fully controlling the U-turn manoeuvre (Introduce new phase), U-turn pocket lane extension, new additional mast arm on north/south legs and street lighting improvements at intersection



Dyson Drive
Coltman Plaza

Install fully controlled right turn traffic signal phase on Dyson Drive, upgrade 2 lanterns and install additional lantern with arrows



Bridge Inn Road
Wellington Street

Install median island on Bridge Inn Road



Pearson Street
Albert Street

Install speed cushions on all four approach legs of the roundabout, associated linemarking and signage works. Upgrade street lighting and linemarking of additional bike sharrows on the Pearson Street approaches



Plenty Road
David Street

Install turning bans, splitter islands on side roads, new signage, linemarking modifications and a narrow solid median strip on Plenty Road



Horseshoe Bend Road
South Beach Road

Upgrade roundabout including raised platforms, modifications to paved annulus and gateway treatment, install sign and delineation upgrades, install green bike lanes at conflict zones. Reduce speed limit from 60 km/h to 50 km/h


Surf Coast

Outlook Drive
Thames Street to Brady Road

Install raised safety platforms at two locations and modify parking lane line on both sides of the road


Greater Dandenong

Cape Otway Road
1.5-kilometres west of Winchelsea - Deans Marsh Road

Install safety barrier at high risk locations, upgrade delineation and reduce speed limit from 100 km/h to 80km/h


Surf Coast

Bass Valley Road
Main Road to approximately 450 metres north of the South Gippsland Highway overpass

Install road safety barrier and motorcycle underrun protection, standard and augmented curve warning signs, including chevron alignment markers and dragon's teeth pavement markings. Reduce speed limits from 100 km/h to 80 km/h and 60 km/h to 50 km/h


South Gippsland

Bald Hill Road
McDonalds Drain Road to Five Mile Road

Install a basic right-turn at the Bald Hill Road and Five Mile Road intersection and reduce speed limit from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. Duplication of side road intersection warning signs



Inkerman Street
Westbury Street

Install Give Way to Pedestrians flashing LED signs on all four corners of intersection. Modify signal phasing to allow for early start for pedestrians


Port Phillip

Exford Road
Cheryl Street

‍Modify signal phasing to allow for early crossing start for pedestrians



Sydenham Inlet Road
Coast Road to 1.9 kilometres west of Coast Rd

Install new linemarking, including dragon’s teeth on corner approaches, warning and delineation signage and guideposts. Install safety barriers with rub rail and safety end terminals


East Gippsland

Ghazeepore Road
Coombes Road to Blackgate Road

Install safety barriers to high risk sections of Ghazeepore Road. Improve delineation at intersections and grading to a consistent 6.5m corridor


Surf Coast

Mahoneys Road
Edgars Road

Install left turn lane with realigned slip lane, Pedestrian Operated Signals on slip lane, extension to the traffic island and improve signal visibility on all approaches. Install bicycle ramp and safety barrier



Queen Street
Wilson Street

Install wombat crossings and improve delineation with upgraded linemarking, raised pavement markers, warning signs and street lighting


Colac Otway

Lygon Street
Barkly Street

Install raised safety platform on the east leg of the intersection on Barkly Street, combined with a high visibility green bike lane on Lygon Street immediately east of Barkly Street



Colchester Road
67 metres south-west from Skye Street Trade Way to Eycot Street

Upgrade street lighting and install five new impact-absorbent poles



Atkins Road
Mathisons Road

Reduce speed limit, install safety barriers at high-risk locations and remove roadside hazards. Upgrade linemarking, narrow lanes and widen shoulders and improve delineation


Surf Coast

Mount Alexander Road
Mooltan Street

Install illuminated LED bicycle warning signs and amber colour ground stud lights on bicycle linemarking


Moonee Valley

Railway Parade
Chandler Road

Install raised safety platforms at two mid-block locations and a raised platform intersection at existing Pedestrian Operated Signals plus parking lane linemarking


Greater Dandenong

Beach Street
McMahons Road

Install raised safety platform ramps on main approaches, with splitter islands, kerb outstands and lighting



Browns Road
Police Road

Install raised safety platforms and upgrade raised platform treatment of existing school crossings


Greater Dandenong

McDonalds Track, Heylens Road and Yannathan Road
from Cams Road to Hogans Road

Reduce speed from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. Install delineation and guideposts suited to fog conditions


South Gippsland

Vary Street
Churchill Road

Reduce speed from 60 km/h to 50 km/h. Install speed cushions and delineation


Latrobe City

Eureka Street
Fussell Street

Install roundabout central island, kerb extensions, longer splitter islands and separated pedestrian/bicycle path. Install edge lines and painted islands to narrow approach lanes and kerb outstands to protect parking



Williamstown North Industrial Precinct
Various locations in the vicinity of Churchill Street and Chelmsford Street

Install raised intersections at Albermarle Street and Churchill Street and Tennyson Street and Churchill Street, and flat-top humps on approaches to the intersections of Chelmsford Street and Churchill Street and Tennyson Street and Orange Street


Hobsons Bay

Lynnes Road
700 metres west of Pennell Court

Reduce speed limit, upgrade threshold/gateway treatment and improve night time delineation


Bass Coast

Ripon Street
Urquhart Street

Construct a roundabout with kerb extensions, splitter islands and separated bicycle lanes through the intersection, with edge lines and painted islands to narrow approach lanes and kerb outstands to protect parking



Salt Creek Road
three-kilometre section south of Bulgana Road

Reshape pavement to reduce crossfall, flatten side slope, improve superelevation. Widen and seal multiple bends section. Increase radius at one bend. Install speed advisory, curve warning and delineation signs. Remove trees from the road edge


Northern Grampians

Bona Vista Road
Pine Grove, Gibson Road, Emerald Drive, Lovell Drive and East West Road

Install Raptor Pole Protector Crash Cushion at Emerald Drive, shoulder sealing/edgelines and bus stop area formalisation along Bona Vista Road; lighting and stop controls at Gibson Road; and lighting at Pine Grove


Baw Baw

Kennewell Street
Scott Street

Install splitter islands, raised safety platforms and ‍Install street lighting


Greater Bendigo

Burke Street
three-kilometre section east of Moores Road

Install raised safety platforms/pedestrian crossings with lighting. Upgrade safety barriers, drainage and road marking


Baw Baw

Lardners Track
Lardner Road and Danes Road

Install mountable splitter islands, dragon's teeth linemarking and widen intersection. Upgrade signage, linemarking and safety barriers


Baw Baw

Bracewell Street
McCormacks Road, Caldwells Road and Evely Street

‍Install splitter Islands and upgrade street lighting


Greater Bendigo

Maryvale Road and Morwell-Maryvale Rd
Hannah Street and Old Melbourne Road

Upgrade Intersection at Old Melbourne Road and Hannah Street. Install safety barrier and audio linemarking


Latrobe City

Eureka Street
Otway Street South

Install central median strip with kerb returns to improve sight distance from Otway Street. Improved delineation and lane narrowing with pedestrian refuges, pram crossings, bicycle lanes and parking lanes



Kepler Street
Lava Street

Install larger central traffic island/splitter islands on all approaches and modify kerb. Upgrade public-lighting and install wombat crossings