Drive safely with trucks towing oversize loads this Queensland Road Safety Week

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) have launched the Sharing our Roads with Oversize Loads campaign, with a series of videos to show road users how to stay safe when driving near trucks towing oversize loads this Queensland Road Safety Week.

Police escort more than six thousand heavy vehicles with an oversize or overmass load, such as mining or construction equipment, in Queensland each year.

A heavy vehicle with an oversize load is often accompanied by a pilot or escort vehicle at the front and rear, which displays a ‘Oversize’ or ‘Oversize Load Ahead’ sign with flashing lights to alert approaching traffic.

The Queensland Police Service Heavy Vehicle Road Operations Program Office provides the escort service function for oversize loads in Queensland to ensure the safe movement of the heavy vehicle, and to direct traffic to slow down, pull over and stop for an approaching wide load.

Queensland Road Safety Week runs from 22-26 August. For more information visit

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Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine King:

“The Sharing our Roads with Oversize Loads campaign is funded by the Australian Government through the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

“The NHVR, police authorities, state and local government road managers and heavy vehicle operators each have a role to play in selecting the routes and conditions oversize loads must meet to transport important cargo, such as critical infrastructure, on Australia’s roads.

“Road safety starts with all of us; the route is planned to ensure the safety of all road users – we ask for everyone to do their part, take care and reduce their speed when driving around oversize loads.”

Quotes attributable to Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Senator Carol Brown:

“This campaign highlights the risks of reckless driving around oversize vehicles.

“Light vehicle drivers can make the mistake of trying to overtake and find themselves stuck in between the oversize load and the pilot or escort vehicle.

“This creates a risk for the drivers to try and safely transport and escort the load with a light vehicle in an unsafe position, putting themselves and others at risk.

“This Queensland Road Safety Week, please encourage everyone to share the road with heavy vehicles carrying oversize loads.”

Quotes attributable to Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey:

“Oversize loads come in all shapes and sizes, but the approach to safety remains the same.

“We all have a duty to keep one another safe on our roads, from following road signs to being aware of surroundings and keeping an eye on speed.

“Heavy vehicle convoys can span kilometres and carry a wide range of cargo, such as wide agricultural machinery, long metal beams and old houses, so it’s critical all road users exercise caution and patience around them to help keep our roads safe.

“Alongside this initiative, the Palaszczuk Government is investing over $1.5 billion in targeted road safety projects as part of our commitment to help Queenslanders get home sooner and safer.”

Quotes attributable to QPS Superintendent of Road Policing Janelle Andrews:

“Police escort more than six thousand heavy vehicles needed to tow an oversize or overmass load, such as mining or construction equipment, in Queensland each year.

“There can be tragic consequences on our roads when light vehicles overtake a turning truck or pull in front of a truck suddenly.

“For wide loads, don’t try to overtake or pull back onto the road until you receive directions from police escorts or a pilot.”

Quotes attributable to NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto:

“Sharing our Roads with Oversize Loads is an extension of our We Need Space campaign, which spreads messages about giving trucks the space they require to safely navigate our roads and highways.”

“In this campaign, we focus specifically on oversize vehicles – because they often need more space to drive down the middle of the road to cross a bridge, pass under powerlines or avoid guardrails to travel safely.

“By getting the message out there, we can help ensure everyone feels safe on the road and returns home safely to their loved ones.”