Western Sydney Airport - One Year

One year ago, Prime Minister Scott Morrison turned the long-awaited first sod at Badgerys Creek kicking off construction on Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) International Airport.

Half a century in the making, it started the transformation of Western Sydney, reshaping Australia’s aviation landscape at the same time.

The Prime Minister said the airport’s construction would remove the handbrake from the Western Sydney economy.

And since the bulldozers first fired up, construction and economic progress have continued unabated.

So far more than 1.5 million cubic meters of earth has been shifted on-site. Enough to fill 8,800 Olympic swimming pools.

And that’s the tip of the ice berg.

Construction is about to go into overdrive. The ink has just dried on a contract that will make way for the biggest earthmoving infrastructure project in Australian Government history.

The site is twice the size of Sydney airport with the terrain presently undulating by 40 meters – the equivalent of a 12-storey building.

Another 23 million cubic meters will be moved, levelling the 1780 hectare site

With work valued in the hundreds of millions, construction stemming from this contract will mean that the airport will really take shape from early 2020.

Runways, road, rail and terminal construction will soon be underway.

It is the Morrison Government’s $100 billion pipeline unfolding before our eyes.

This is real money flowing into the economy creating opportunities for real Australians.

And it also means jobs.

A boom locally for business and job growth the likes of which Western Sydney has never seen before.

Western Sydney is already reaping the economic rewards of Australia’s largest solely federally-funded project, even before these latest developments flow into the local community.

New figures show that 54 per cent of jobs stemming from the airport have gone to local workers. Far exceeding the 30 per cent target the Prime Minister hoped for 12 months ago..

It means more than half of the 600 plus strong workforce are from Western Sydney.

In fact Western Sydney International is exceeding all of its employment targets across the board.

There’s no reason why this won’t continue throughout the next six years until the first flight takes off in 2026 where there’ll be up to 11,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction and 13,000 direct on-airport jobs five years after opening.

Economic benefits are also flowing directly to Wester Sydney businesses.

Currently 24 businesses across Western Sydney are benefitting from $37 million in subcontracts.

From concrete paving to traffic control, trucking and digging equipment to demolition works.

That’s $37 million flowing directly into the Western Sydney economy on top of jobs, on top of growth, and were only one year in.

It’s not just the airport site that is driving economic growth.

We are actively engaging the broader Western Sydney region, encouraging both national and international business to set-up shop.

Already international businesses have agreed to collocate at the airport precinct, creating jobs and what will be an economic hub.

Confirmed industry investment in the region includes Mirvac, Amazon, William Inglis and Toll Holdings to name a few.

Add to this economic equation our mammoth investment in Western Sydney infrastructure.

The Sydney Metro Greater West rail line that will connect rail to the airport the day it starts.

Westconnex, which is already slashing more than an hour travel time for some every day.

Significant upgrades to The Northern Road, Bringelly Road and the M12.

Plus, the 20-year Western Sydney City Deal addressing the needs of the region – connectivity, jobs and housing.

Across Western Sydney there is plenty to be excited about.

Much of it thanks to the game-changer that is Western Sydney International.

A game-changer for Western Sydney, and a game-changer for Australia.