Western Sydney Airport - Board reappointments

The Government has reappointed Mrs Fiona Balfour and Mr Timothy Eddy as 
non-executive Directors of Western Sydney Airport (WSA Co) for three year terms. 

Mrs Balfour and Mr Eddy joined the WSA Co Board in 2017 and have served with skill and dedication during their first terms. 

Their reappointments will ensure the WSA Co Board continues to have the necessary expertise to lead WSA Co through this critical stage in the design and construction of the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport and deliver significant economic benefits to the Western Sydney region.

Mrs Balfour’s experience in aviation, information and telecommunication services, and distribution and logistics continues to be a valuable asset for the Board, particularly in the design and delivery of core technology projects for the Airport.

Mr Eddy’s continuing role will allow WSA Co to retain his expertise and experience in risk management and financial governance as it finalises major construction procurements and commences engagement with operational partners.

The Government congratulates Mrs Balfour and Mr Eddy on their reappointments and looks forward to continuing to work with WSA Co.

Media Contacts

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