Western Sydney Airport Board reappointment

The Government has reappointed Mr John Weber as a non-executive Director of Western Sydney Airport (WSA Co) for a three year term.

Mr Weber joined the WSA Co Board in 2017 and has made a valuable contribution to the start-up of the Airport project during his first term.

The reappointment of Mr Weber will ensure the WSA Co Board continues to have the broad range of expertise and skills required to lead WSA Co as it continues with the design and construction of the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, bringing jobs and delivering significant economic benefits to the Western Sydney region.

Mr Weber’s reappointment enables the Board to continue to benefit from his extensive legal, governance and aviation experience as it undertakes the remaining major construction procurement processes for the Airport and deepens its engagement with airline and operational partners.

The Government congratulates Mr Weber on his reappointment and looks forward to continuing to work with WSA Co.


Media Contacts

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