Tiger Brennan Drive duplication almost complete

Works to upgrade Tiger Brennan Drive from Dinah Beach Road through to McMinn Street are almost complete, with the road expected to open in a week’s time.

Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge said the new duplication unlocked the potential of Darwin city.

“This is a landmark project which has supported many local jobs,” Mr Tudge said.

“In a week’s time Territorians will be able to use this road, along with Garramilla Boulevard creating an attractive entry way into the Darwin CBD.”

The Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Eva Lawler said since the opening of Garramilla Boulevard, travelling to and from Darwin City had become a lot easier.

“Once the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive is complete, it will ease traffic congestion further for commuters travelling to Darwin’s CBD and help disperse traffic more equally,” Ms Lawler said.

“I thank Territoria Civil and all the local subcontractors that have worked on this project to ensure it was completed nine months ahead of schedule – supporting more than 540 local jobs.

The streetscaping along this section of Tiger Brennan Drive complements the stonemasonry along Garramilla Boulevard, with reinforced walls to support the duplication showcasing stunning patterns depicting the nearby tidal mangroves of Sandgrove Creek – all designed in the Territory and installed by Territory contractors.”

Senator for the Northern Territory Dr Sam McMahon said Garramilla Boulevard would showcase Darwin’s tropical appeal to tourists and investors.

“The Australian Government has committed $29.5 million to the Garramilla Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive Stage 3 project,” Senator McMahon said.

“This fantastic project will clear congestion, helping Darwin Territorians and visitors get to their destinations sooner and safer.”

Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis said the City of Darwin was proud to be a part of the Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication project.

“The project has provided a unique opportunity for all levels of government to work together and we are delighted that it has been completed and delivered to the community,” Lord Mayor Vatskalis said.

"This major road provides an attractive and important additional access route into our city that will improve access and attract more people to the city centre.”

Landscaping works will continue to progress along both Garramilla Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive, over the coming months.

To celebrate the opening of Garramilla Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive, a family open day will be held at Frog Hollow Park near the new amphitheatre on Saturday 12 October 2019.

The Australian Government committed $29.5 million to the Garramilla Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive Stage 3 project, with the Northern Territory Government investing $25 million and the City of Darwin a further $5 million.