More infrastructure and jobs for Western Sydney as the City Deal continues to deliver

Another year into the Western Sydney City deal has delivered more local jobs and a significant economic boost to the region.

Today’s release of the Western Sydney City Deal 2020 Annual Progress Report, marks four years into the deal and details the sigificant achievements over the past 12 months.

These achievements to March 2020 include:

  • Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport business case complete for Stage One;
  • Aerotropolis Plan placed on public exhibition;
  • Indigenous Business Hub opened in Liverpool
  • Second round of Liveability Program project grants awarded, totalling $40 million

The Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport business case was followed by the June 1 funding announcement  for the rail line that will inject $11 billion into the NSW economy and support 14,000 jobs.

Minister for Populaton, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge, said the City Deal would keep on delivering for the people of Western Sydney for generations to come.

“This is really just the beginning, we estimate the Western Parkland City will create 200,000 new jobs across a wide range of industries over the next 20 years,” Mr Tudge said.  

“The Western Sydney Aerotropolis and Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport will attract infrastructure, investment and skilled jobs, and the benefits will flow into health and education, retail, hospitality and industrial activities that will power the region.”

“Western Sydney is already a fantastic place to live, work and play, and the City Deal is helping transform it into an emerging global city,” Mr Tudge said.

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said the cooperation and collaboration of the three tiers of governemnt had in two short years demonstrated the potential of joint government approaches.

“Western Sydney is ready now, it’s the right time for opportunity and investment, and that’s exactly what we’re delivering,” Mr Ayres had said.

“We’re working together to deliver education, careers, and chances to build, grow and achieve individual and community potential.

“It’s by Western Sydney, for Western Sydney. I came of age in Western Sydney, and now I’m proud to be part of helping Western Sydney be all it can be.”

This historic 20 year partnership between the three levels of government commits to jointly investing in city-building initiatives to improve the prosperity, sustainability and liveability of Western Sydney.

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Media Contact:

Minister Tudge – Michael Bennett 0434 782 923

Minister Ayres – Sophie Hull 0447 583 756



Councillor Barry Calvert, Mayor of Hawkesbury City Council:

“In the Hawkesbury, we have already commenced the journey of revitalising our town centres with the development of draft Master Plans and Public Domain Plans. We are excited to share these plans with the community when they go on public exhibition in the coming months. We will continue to work with the community and businesses to create vibrant public domains.”

Frank Carbone, Mayor Fairfield City Council:

“Through participation in the City Deal, we have been able to grow our strategic projects that will provide valuable facilities and opportunities for generations to come.

This is a great example of how different levels of government can work together in partnership to improve people’s quality of life, facilities and create better opportunities for the future.”

Councillor Ross Fowler OAM, Mayor of Penrith:

“The City Deal is continuing to deliver on its promise to connect Penrith to the Western Sydney Airport and surrounds from day one of operations and to unlock limitless opportunities for our city and the region.

“This includes investment in Regatta Park through the Liveability Fund to activate our river precinct and create a vibrant events and recreational space for our community, now and in the future.”

Councillor Theresa Fedeli, Mayor of Camden Council:

“As we look back on another year of working together as part of the Western Sydney City Deal, I am proud of what we stand for.

“Local Government has continued to work collaboratively with the NSW and Federal Governments to make the entire western region of Sydney the best it can be – now and for the future. We want to be the city of the future and we’re working together to make that happen.

“With its booming population, particularly in the heart of the South West Growth Centre, this region is the powerhouse of Sydney. The growth will allow us to create amazing employment opportunities, improve roads and public transport links, facilitate game changing infrastructure, attract businesses and visitors, and so much more.”

Wendy Waller, Mayor of Liverpool City Council:

“The collegiate nature of the Western Sydney City Deal – camaraderie, support and sharing of ideas across the growth Councils – has been invaluable.

“It has been a productive two years and I was very pleased most recently to turn the first sod at the Phillips Park redevelopment program in Lurnea. This is a Liveability Program project that will deliver great benefits to the community.”

Councillor George Brticevic, Mayor of Campbelltown City Council:

“We continue to work collaboratively with our Local, NSW and Australian Government partners under the City Deal and are excited to reveal the design and turn the sod on the Campbelltown Billabong Parklands, a city shaping project to be delivered under the Liveability Program.

“We welcome the opportunity to commence planning the Rapid Bus connection from Campbelltown to Western Sydney Airport with our NSW and Australian Government partners. Paired with investigations into rail connections to address the barriers of Macarthur’s access to the new Airport, Campbelltown and the broader region is set to benefit from this once in a generation project and the opportunities it will bring if we get the planning for these critical connections right.”

Matthew Deeth, Mayor of Wollondilly:

“It has been great to see eight Mayors working together at a regional level for a long term commitment to the people of Western Sydney as part of the City Deal.

“The community infrastructure made possible through the City Deal Liveability funding is making a positive difference to our residents; promoting healthy lifestyles, supporting cultural activities and making Wollondilly an even better place to live, learn, work and play.”

Mark Greenhill, Mayor of Blue Mountains:

“We are excited to see the start of construction of the first of 10 Liveability Projects in the Blue Mountains, in the coming months. Overall, these projects will make it easier for our residents and visitors to access town centres, parks, playgrounds, pools and bushland. They will help create more liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods.”

Outcomes of the Western Sydney City Deal over the past 12 months

Key highlights:

  • Business Case for Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport completed. On 1 June 2020, the Australian and NSW governments jointly announced funding of up to $11 billion to deliver Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport rail line in time for the airport’s opening by 2026. This project will generate 14,000 jobs during six years of construction and stimulate the state and national economies post COVID-19
  • Digital Twin for the WPC was released in February 2020. The twin creates a virtual replication of physical objects, buildings, centres, and infrastructure.
  • 18 Memorandums of Understandings with ‘Foundation Partners’ have been signed for the Aerotropolis.
  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan was released on public exhibition in December 2019.
  • The Indigenous Business Hub opened in Liverpool. The Yarpa Business Hub will continue building the capability and capacity of Indigenous business and job seekers, ensuring they are connected into the pipeline of opportunities within the Western Parkland City that exist under the various Indigenous procurement policies.
  • $40 million in Round Two Liveability projects were announced in February 2020 making the entire Liveability Program over $190 million in total, to deliver 28 projects across the Western Parkland City.
  • New Opportunity Hub at Liverpool and expanded hub at Campbelltown to help connect Aboriginal school leavers with jobs.
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Penrith, complete with 174 staff employed
  • Western Sydney Health Alliance has been established to improve coordination and effectiveness of health services in the region, supporting healthier neighborhoods.

Connectivity (Realising the 30-minute Western Parkland City by delivering public transport):

  • Australian and NSW governments jointly announced funding of up to $11 billion to deliver Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport rail line in time for the airport’s opening by 2026.
  • A Smart City Program ‘pitchfest’ event was held in November 2019 at Camden Council to assist with scoping of a digital strategic business case. 100 participants from across local and NSW Government and the private sector attended. Market soundings with key stakeholders across all three levels of government commenced in December 2019 and ran through to March 2020.
  • A state-wide ‘Digital Twin’ was launched by NSW Government in February 2020, starting with the Western Parkland City. This 3D spatial database will power faster and more cost-effective detailed planning work. It will provide Western Sydney with a platform for open spatial data across all levels of government.
  • The database is now available for planners, infrastructure owners, builders, policymakers and residents to better understand and respond to the opportunities and challenges across the Western Parkland City.

Jobs for the future (Creating 200,000 jobs by supercharging the Western Parkland City):

  • Working through the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority (WCAA), the NSW Government has executed 18 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with multinational entities to establish a presence or provide input into designing the Aerotropolis.
  • The WCAA held a Symposium in Warwick Farm in December 2019, bringing together the foundation partners. The foundation partners are the 18 companies which have signed MOUs with the NSW Government. These companies specialise in areas across aerospace, defence, manufacturing, healthcare, agribusiness and education. The foundation partners came together for the first time to share their vision for the new Western Parkland City.
  • The Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan was placed on public exhibition in December 2019, with rezoning of precincts expected to be finalised by mid-2020. The draft Plan includes intended land-uses for six early release precincts, including the Aerotropolis Core, an Agribusiness Precinct, and a Wianamatta-South Creek environmental and recreation Precinct.
  • As identified in the Plan, potentially 153,000 new jobs could be created in the six early release precincts once adopted. Industry growth in the Aerotropolis will be a catalyst for growth across the entire Western Parkland City

Skills and Education (Skilling our residents in the region and initiating new education opportunities):

  • All three levels of government are working on implementing skills and diversity targets into construction projects in the Western Parkland City to provide opportunities for diverse groups
  • All NSW Government major infrastructure projects in the Western Parkland City will have employment and procurement targets based on the Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program.
  • Siemens have committed to provide University Technology Sydney (UTS) with technology which will help train 25,000 university students with the skills they will need to work in the Aerotropolis

Liveability and Environment (Respecting and building on local character, enhancing liveability and improving the quality of the local environment):

  • $190 million to deliver local community infrastructure projects under the Western Parkland City Liveability Program. Projects include:
    • Improvements to parks in Glenbrook, Springwood, Wentworth Falls and Blackheath
    • Improvements to natural area facilities in areas around the Blue Mountains escarpment
    • Bushland restoration and recreation area at the former Lawson Golf Course
    • A new play area and event space at Katoomba Aquatic Centre
    • Town centre rejuvenation works at Springwood and Blackheath
    • Redevelopment of the Cultural and Library Facility at Springwood
    • Development of three sport and recreation facilities in the Camden area, including: Fergusons Land Premier Cricket Facility and Narellan Sports Hub, with 14 new netball courts and a synthetic field
    • Redevelopment  of the Fairfield showground
    • A wave pool and amenities facilities at Aquatopia Water Park at Prairiewood (Fairfield).
    • Rejuvenation of the town centres of Windsor, Richmond and South Windsor
    • A new community and recreational hub in Phillips Park, Lurnea.
    • A playground and sports field at Lighthorse Park (Liverpool).
    • Transforming the Regatta Park precinct in Penrith
    • Delivery of the Campbelltown Billabong Parklands and a landmark and iconic swimming lagoon at Apex Park, Bradbury.
    • A Community Cultural Centre at Picton and upgrades to Tahmoor Sporting Complex; Appin Skate Park and eight outdoor gym equipment areas across the Shire (Wollondilly).
  • The early works and main works contracts for the Herbarium at Mount Annan (Stage 1) – Western Sydney Centre of Innovation in Plant Sciences were executed.
  • The first stage of developing a strategy to protect and enhance the South Creek corridor has supported the mapping of the Wianamatta-South Creek Precinct in the Aerotropolis Plan. The Precinct will rejuvenate the Aerotropolis section of South Creek into a high-quality central green spine for amenity, recreation and environmental conservation.
  • Further planning is underway to embed South Creek principles in land-use planning including a blue-green infrastructure framework strategy across the Western Parkland City.

Planning and Housing (Coordinated and innovative approaches to planning and delivery of housing):

  • All eight City Deal councils have now exhibited their Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPSs) to develop updated Local Environment Plans (LEPs). The Greater Sydney Commission has conducted a review and feedback program to support finalisation of the LSPSs.
  • The Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan (formally the Land Use and Implementation Plan for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis) was placed on public exhibition in December 2019. The Western Sydney Planning Partnership led a comprehensive community engagement strategy, and submissions closed in March 2020.
  • The Western Sydney Planning Partnership was established under the City Deal in 2018 and will have completed its three priority projects by the end of 2020: Uniform Engineering and Design Standards, Common Planning Assumptions, and Precinct Planning for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan.
  • The Western Sydney Planning Partnership has developed Street Design Guidelines for application in new release areas across the Western Parkland City and Blacktown. The Guidelines form part of the Uniform Engineering and Design Standards, which are expected to be presented to councils in 2020.

Implementation and Governance (Delivering for the Western Parkland City through enduring tri-level governance):

  • The Delivery Office is continuing to support the development of performance measures and an evaluation framework that will be used in the three-year review of the City Deal in 2021.
  • Successful program of ‘Pop Up Expos’ for community consultation were held from mid to late 2019. Pop ups were held in Penrith, Liverpool, Camden, Wollondilly and Campbelltown. Participants included the City Deal partners, Western Sydney Airport and other agencies with active engagements, and there was great feedback from the community about the activities of the three levels of government. Community engagement and feedback from the community will be used to inform future activity.