30 Oct 2020
Transcript - NorthConnex press conference
Subjects: Opening of the NorthConnex Tunnel; COVID statistics; border closures
12 Oct 2020
RN Breakfast interview with Fran Kelly
Subjects: Population, migration, humanitarian program
05 Oct 2020
3AW interview with Neil Mitchell
Subjects: Federal Budget; infrastructure projects.
05 Oct 2020
Transcript - ABC Melbourne interview with Virginia Trioli
Subjects: Federal Budget investment initiatives; Federal Court decision
15 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview with Sabra Lane
Subjects: Infrastructure projects.
15 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview with David Koch
Subjects: Priority Infrastructure Projects, Mega Projects, Jobs.
15 Jun 2020
15 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview with Peter Stefanovic
Subjects: Infrastructure projects; Karm Gilespie; Labor MP Adem Somyurek.
15 Jun 2020
Transcript – 6PR Interview with Gary Adshead
Subjects: Infrastructure projects funding; submarine contract; WA state border.
01 Jun 2020
Press conference - Luddenham, NSW
Subjects: Western Sydney Airport Rail Link, international students, COVID-19 restrictions, stadium upgrades, centrelink debt recovery, construction stimulus, early access to superannuation, Ruby Princess
01 Jun 2020
ABC Radio Sydney with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck
Subject: Western Sydney Airport Rail Link
22 May 2020
Transcript - 3AW interview with Neil Mitchell
Subjects: Small Projects Fund; Belt and Road Initiative; Migration after COVID-19
20 May 2020
Transcript - Sky News Live interview with Tom Connell
Subjects: Traffic congestion, public transport and immigration
28 Apr 2020
Transcript - Interview with Tom Connell on Sky News
Subjects: Infrastructure projects, population, racism, Angus Taylor
17 Apr 2020
Transcript - ABC Radio interview with Ali Moore
Subjects: Australian population; International Students.