South Hobart Football scores $1 million goal

The Liberal and Nationals' Government has today committed $1 million to help fund facility upgrades for one of the oldest football clubs in Australia—The South Hobart Football Club.  

The club has grown significantly since it's first game back in May 1910 and last year the club fielded 34 teams across a variety of ages competing in local and state-wide Premier League competitions.

This project will include the construction of a new multi-purpose pavillion to house a range of social activies, new facilities for home and visiting teams, all whilst making the amenities more female friendly. New dugouts would be created for the players, medical staff and coaches as well as the installation of match quality lighting to enable the grounds to be utlised for evening matches.  

Investments such as this build stronger rural communities and make the regions an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

This project will create jobs, boost the local economy and help the community to thrive, prosper and grow.