Funds flow for Townsville water

The Liberal and Nationals' Government will invest up to $200 million to secure Townsville's long-term water supply.

We are backing Queenslanders.

Up to $195 million will fully fund Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline extension and $5 million to compile the project's business case.

Unlike Labor, we will fully fund Stage 2, with work starting immediately on the business case.

We are taking decisive action to secure Townsville's water supply for decades to come—nothing is more important for a growing city.

More water means more jobs and this will support Townsville's future development and continued growth.

LNP Member for Dawson George Christensen and LNP Candidate for Herbert Phillip Thompson have advocated daily for this project and we know how important it is for the city and local area. We understand the importance and necessity of secure water supplies, which is critical to building confidence and unlocking the potential of any city or community.

Over the past 18-months the Townsville Water Security Taskforce—initiated through the $250 million Townsville City Deal delivered by this Government—has been examining options for delivering Townsville's water security.

Stage 1 and Stage 2—coupled with the recycled water, demand management, leakage and pricing reforms which the Taskforce recommended be implemented by Council—will provide Townsville a long term, reliable and cost effective water supply system.

Work will commence subject to findings of the project's business case, which is due to start immediately.

We want to reduce the cost of living for Townsville residents and it's important we do our homework to ensure local residents aren't slugged with any unnecessary charges down the track.

Funding committed through the City Deal for the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor's (TEARC) development will be re-allocated to enhance opportunities for Townsville's development, including to support Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline.

This builds on the $75 million already allocated from our Government's TEARC commitment to the Port of Townsville Channel Capacity Project, ensuring the Port remains globally competitive and is capable of hosting large cargo and passenger ships.

Our Government's strong economic management is delivering important projects like the Haughton Pipeline, helping to strengthen our regional cities, while creating more opportunities for households and businesses.

The Liberal and Nationals' Government is committed to building a stronger and more secure Australia, while backing our communities and generating jobs. Further information at: