Federal funding to fix Queensland ‘Black Spots’

Forty-four dangerous crash sites on Queensland roads will be substantially improved over the next 12 months thanks to funding under the Federal Liberal and Nationals Government’s Black Spot Program.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack and Chair of the Queensland Black Spot Consultative Panel and Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien today announced $12.562 million for the State under the Black Spot Program’s 2019–20 funding round.

“This major investment is part of the Federal Liberal and Nationals Government’s commitment to building safer roads right across the nation,” Mr McCormack said.

“The Black Spot Program provides funding for safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at road locations where a number of serious crashes have occurred.

“The 44 Black Spot projects being funded across Queensland will therefore make an important contribution towards reducing the total annual number of serious injuries and deaths caused by road crashes.”

Mr O’Brien said this investment in Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads in 18 local government areas throughout the state.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that, on average, Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Funding has been allocated to these 44 crash sites in Queensland after they were identified as requiring safety improvements as a matter of high priority following a total of one fatal and 241 crashes causing injuries recorded over the past five years.

“The Queensland panel responsible for prioritising projects under the program includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Queensland Trucking Association, Bicycle Queensland, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (Queensland University of Technology) and state and local government.”

The Federal Liberal and Nationals Government has committed $744.5 million to the Black Spot Program from 2013–14 to 2021–22 to improve road safety across the nation.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit: investment.infrastructure.gov.au/infrastructure_investment/black_spot/.

A list of funded projects is available below.

2019–20 Black Spot Program – Queensland

Project Name Treatment Australian Government Funding Local Government Area
Theodore Moura Road
Four Mile Creek Floodway
Improve vertical grade on approach to the floodway, install warning signs, install shoulder on no shoulder or unsealed to >1m sealed, construct pavement shoulders and seal bitumen on curves and approaches, install reflector guideposts and edge lines $405,000 Banana Shire Council
Eastmere Road
East of Lake Mueller
Install winding road, tight turns and floodway signage, install chevron alignment markers, and clear vegetation/debris $42,500 Barcaldine Regional Council
Jericho - Aramac Road
Between Winhaven Road and Gracevale Road
Install signage to indicate winding road for next 3km and upcoming tight turns, install chevron alignment markers, and remove vegetation $27,500 Barcaldine Regional Council
Logan Road
Birdwood Road
Implement improved signal phasing (full control of the right turn), lengthen right turn lane into Birdwood Road to accommodate a longer queue, remove the north-west centre median to improve existing sub-standard lane widths $696,000 Brisbane City Council
Lutwyche Road
Bowen Street
Install additional lanterns on a new mast arm at the primary pedestal on Lutwyche Road, install additional red arrow lanterns on Bowen Street, reconstruct kerb ramps, realign pedestrian crossing $243,000 Brisbane City Council
Azalea Street
Eugenia Street
Install additional priority signs on median islands on Eugenia Street including Give Way or Stop signage/linemarking as appropriate, realign kerb ramps, upgrade lighting as required $185,000 Brisbane City Council
Gregory Terrace
Boundary St
Install intersection control measures to prevent uncontrolled minor road movements into the major traffic stream $136,000 Brisbane City Council
Bicycle Safety Upgrades
Various Intersections
Improve safety of cyclists at existing roundabouts, including installing Bicycle Awareness Zones, Approach Speed Limit treatments, and on-road-off-road transition treatments $372,000 Cairns Regional Council
Kirkwood Road (northern leg)
Dixon Drive
Signalise the intersection with no filter turns $511,500 Gladstone Regional Council
Morala Avenue
Sports Drive
Install a single lane roundabout, upgrade street lighting upgrades and provide pedestrian and cyclist channelisation $769,000 Gold Coast City Council
Palm Beach Avenue
Tahiti Avenue
Install splitter kerb, provide bicycle awareness warning markings, upgrade existing footpath, clear median hazards, adjust centre island and medians to improve deflection and accommodate reduction in circulating lane width $368,000 Gold Coast City Council
School Road
Fernbrooke Boulevard and Lamington Drive
Install traffic signals, construct protected slip lanes to separate the left turn on the side roads, install pedestrian crossing facilities on southern three legs $613,000 Ipswich City Council
Bungundarra Road
North West from Woodbury Road Intersection
Construct sealed shoulder/curve widening on three separate sub-standard curves where crashes have occurred $252,500 Livingstone Shire Council
Brightview Road
Village Road
Horizontal realignment of intersection, widen road for heavy vehicle overrun on turn onto Brightview Road, widen shoulders through intersection, undertake hatching, median and line marking, install RRPMs on centre lines $126,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Brightview Road
Gehrke Road
Install road lines, centre RRPMS, advance warning signs for curves, and CAMS on curves where required, install intersection warning signs and Give Way treatments, reduce speed, install hazard markers opposite T-junctions where required $116,500 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Lorikeet Road
Wagtail Drive
Install warning signage, provide delineation with Raised Reflective Pavement Markers and guideposts on curve from Lorikeet Road into Wagtail Drive, widen the narrow section of Lorikeet Road from Hewett Drive to Lyrebird Road $90,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Railway Street
Summer Street
Change intersection priority, realign curve through to corner, widen outside of curve, install improved warning regulatory signage, including Give Way on the lower order leg, install safety barrier on southern side of Railway Street $66,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Norfolk Road
North of Paroz Road
Install warning signage and additional delineation treatments, and remove roadside hazards $62,500 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Jones Road
East of Amos Road
Install single lane bridge warning signs, install signage and linemarking, install RRPMs, guideposts and linemarking to delineate the roadway and define travel paths, replace existing substandard guardrails $58,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Tenthill Creek Road
North of Osbornes Road to south of Lower Tenthill Road
Install advance warning signage, provide delineation of curves, install Stop/Give Way treatment at side intersections as appropriate, install hazard markers at intersection terminations, install narrow bridge treatment through narrow bridge section $21,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Zischke Road
East of Mountain View Drive
Install advanced warning signage for intersection, install chevron alignment markers, centreline and Raised Reflective Pavement Markers on sharp corners, install guideposts, termination sight boards and Give Way signs and lines $17,500 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Blanchview Road
North of Horsfalls Lane
Install improved warning signs for curves and road conditions, and install Raised Reflective Pavement Markers through this section to assist in delineating corners $17,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Walnut Drive
Ashwood Court
Install warning signage, install hazard boards for approach from Ashwood Court and for power pole, provide linemarking for edge line of widened bus stop area and for Give Way on Ashwood Court $7,000 Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Grand Plaza Drive
Mount Lindesay Road and Browns Plains Road
Raise zebra crossings, provide additional two raised zebra crossings and associated footpath works, close road at top carpark entrance, close median on northern section, provide pedestrian fencing, review existing speed limits $290,000 Logan City Council
Browns Plains Road
Downing Street
Separate right turns from side street and provide delay for pedestrian start $100,000 Logan City Council
Palmer Street
Grendon Street
Construct speed cushions on approaches to stop signs, install bollards on southern corners to provide protection for pedestrians. Pedestrian movements to be realigned to cross in a more direct line $121,500 Mackay Regional Council
Arthur Street
Bungil Street
Upgrade linemarking and intersection signage, install kerb extensions, relocate pedestrian crossing, construct central medians to improve safety for pedestrians, relocate bottle tree to improve sight line visibility $288,500 Maranoa Regional Council
Arcadia Valley Road
Between 17.4 and 19.8 km west of Carnarvon Highway
Install 75 metre section of w-beam guardrail $52,500 Maranoa Regional Council
Narangba Road
Torrens Road
Provide dual right turn lanes, extend receiving lanes, widen eastern side of Narangba Road including partial kerb and retaining wall, provide new and modified median islands, install new street lighting, linemarking and signage $1,660,000 Moreton Bay Regional Council
Sylvan Beach Esplanade
Marine Parade and Bibimulya Street
Upgrade intersection to a roundabout from existing four-way priority control $364,500 Moreton Bay Regional Council
Winn Road
Clear Mountain Road
Install kerbing at intersection, reseal road and apply anti-skid surfacing, install a vehicle activated sign (VAS) and enhanced warning signs, provide new linemarking and delineation $231,500 Moreton Bay Regional Council
Victoria Avenue
Crawford Street and Redbank Road
Install short channelised right turn lanes on Victoria Avenue at the intersection with Redbank Road and Crawford Street, install green surface treatment to highlight bicycle lanes on Victoria Avenue, and improve path and kerb ramps in Redbank Road $79,000 Moreton Bay Regional Council
Davis Street
William Street
Reduce travel lane widths on both William Street approaches to intersection using raised concrete build outs and line marking, maintain Give Way sign control and install signage on proposed centre median islands, improve sight distance for vehicles $335,500 Rockhampton Regional Council
Moores Creek Road
Feez Street and Kerrigan Street
Install chevron spiral treatment on Moores Creek Road southern leg, undertake intersection geometry adjustments, provide minor signage/pavement marking alternations on Kerrigan Street eastern approach $87,000 Rockhampton Regional Council
Ocean Drive
Nojoor Road
Install 60 speed road markings, install road islands mid span at north and south approaches to intersection, establish a Bicycle Awareness Zone along Ocean Drive. Install new stop signage and follow up warning signs $60,000 Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Petrie Creek Road
Diddillibah Road
Install a road island mid span on Diddillibah Road at the intersection of Petrie Creek Road with advanced warning sign along Diddillibah Road $25,000 Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Perth Street
Cohoe Street
Install roundabout at intersection $700,000 Toowoomba Regional Council
Umbiram Road
Sections between Whittaker Road and Wyreema Athol Road
Install traversable headwall (culverts impacts only), install regulatory, warning and hazard signs, install barrier line and edge line, install guide posts $476,000 Toowoomba Regional Council
Deeragun Road
Geaney Lane
Install single lane roundabout to alter the intersection priority to match traffic flows and allow for desired U-turn manoeuvres $906,500 Townsville City Council
Horseshoe Bay Road
Nautilus Street and Olympus Crescent
Install VAS at five locations, install 140 metres of new guardrail on both sides of road, retrofit guardrails at four locations with rub rails for motorcycles (330 metres), and extend existing guardrail by 20 metres and fix end treatments $593,000 Townsville City Council
Sturt Street
Fletcher Street
Modify northern minor road by installing islands to remove conflict points and prevent through movements, convert southern minor road to left-in/left-out only, provide islands on southern minor road to guide drivers and prevent through movements $288,500 Townsville City Council
Bayswater Road
Mooney Street
Install separated left turn lane from Bayswater Road to Mooney Street, install bicycle lanes including shared auxiliary left turn lane, install islands to correct low entry angle turns to high entry angle $205,000 Townsville City Council
Arcadia Road
East of Harbour Drive and Sooning Street Roundabout
Install VAS Warning Signs on both approaches to curve with high crash record $95,500 Townsville City Council
Powell Street
Brisbane Street
Construct a new two-lane roundabout and install new lighting at the intersection $400,000 Whitsunday Regional Council