Decentralisation delivers 50 new regional jobs

Even more jobs will flow to the regions as the Liberal and Nationals Government's Decentralisation Agenda continues to deliver.

Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of The Nationals and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said up to 50 positions would be created through new or relocated positions at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which will include a regional headquarters at Coffs Harbour.

“Our decentralisation agenda is delivering jobs to the regions and this means more money flowing into local shops and small businesses,” Mr McCormack said.

“AMSA provides a frontline service for Australia's maritime industry. Last time I looked there weren't too many boats or ships in Canberra, so it makes it sense to have services such as this based in the regions, where they are needed most.”

“Up to 50 AMSA jobs will be established in a new office in Coffs Harbour and three jobs at a new office in Airlie Beach.

“This is as well as expanding its existing regional footprint to provide up to 16 further positions in Hobart, Cairns, Gladstone, Mackay, Darwin, Geraldton, Karratha and Port Hedland, taking the total relocated to 69 jobs across regional Australia.

“The new Coffs Harbour office—to be operational within a year with up to 40 staff initially—is intended to provide a regional headquarters for AMSA and fill a gap in its regional network.”

Senator Bridget McKenzie, who is the first Minister for Decentralisation in Australia's history, said AMSA's new Airlie Beach office will expand its network in Far North Queensland, creating three new local positions.

“The Liberal and Nationals Government is determined to deliver even more regional jobs through decentralisation,” Senator McKenzie said.

“More families in the regions thanks to announcements such as this means more students in local schools, more kids in local sporting teams and more community-minded volunteers for local services.”

Senator McKenzie said the Liberal and Nationals Government is firmly committed to growing our regions to boost jobs and economic growth.

“We want the benefits of decentralisation to be felt across a range of regions and communities and today's announcement is a major step toward achieving that plan,” Senator McKenzie said.

“Our Decentralisation Agenda which has relocated more than 1,150 jobs since 2013, and this move demonstrates our commitment to supporting economic growth in regional Australia by delivering even more regional jobs.

“We want to support our young people to have local career options and enable them to stay in the regional communities they grew up in.

“With regional Australia providing around 70 per cent of the nation's exports with only 30 per cent of the population, we know that strong regions equal a strong Australia.

“The Liberal and Nationals Government is further complementing the Decentralisation Agenda by developing strategies to address congestion, population growth and support business to benefit both our cities and the regions.

“It is also encouraging that private businesses and companies are also recognising the benefits of moving their operations outside of cities into the regions.

“Essential services such as the Mobile Black Spot Program, NBN and our record infrastructure investment are also critical to support economic growth in regional Australia.”

AMSA provides the infrastructure required to ensure vessels can safely navigate Australian waters and maintains a national search-and-rescue service for the maritime and aviation sectors.

In addition, the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) is moving their operations from Sydney to Brisbane as a result of their lease expiring. The ALRC undertakes research and provides recommendations to modernise, improve, simplify and improve access to the law.