Backing Central Queensland with funding for Rookwood Weir

The Liberal-Nationals Government will ensure there is long-term water security for Central Queensland by providing an additional $46.1 million to support the construction of the Rookwood Weir.

The announcement increases the Australian Government's commitment for the project to $176.1 million through the $500 million National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

This announcement will drive investment, jobs and economic growth in the region for generations to come while securing the future for residents in Central Queensland. 

A new weir capable of supplying 76,000 ML per year of high security water will be built, providing up to 42,000ML of water for irrigated agriculture in the Fitzroy Basin and around 34,000ML for industrial and urban use in the Gladstone region.

The new weir will increase water security for Rockhampton, the Gladstone region, the Stanwell-Gracemere Industrial Corridor and expand irrigation in the region. It is also expected to generate 2,100 jobs and increase agricultural production in the Fitzroy River region by up to $1 billion.

This investment shows the confidence the Australian Government has in Central Queensland as an area which can drive investment, exports and jobs for Queensland.

Building the water infrastructure of the 21st century is a priority commitment of the Liberal-Nationals Government. The Government committed to providing funding for the Rookwood Weir during the 2016 election campaign and today's announcement shows we are on course to deliver on our commitment. 

The Government has given careful consideration to the revised cost and believes the project remains a strong nation-building initiative which will drive economic growth and create new jobs in the region.

The announcement reaffirms the Federal Liberal-Nationals Government's strong commitment to Central Queensland. The advocacy of LNP members representing the interests of Central Queensland has played a vital role in securing the funding. 

This project will create new and better paid jobs for Central Queensland. In the last 12 months, 420,700 new jobs were created in Australia—an all-time record.

The Australian Government welcomes the Queensland State Government agreeing to fund 50 per cent of the Rookwood Weir project.