$25 million for Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme

The Federal Government will provide $25.27 million towards the construction of Tasmania's proposed Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme, giving northern Tasmania the chance to deliver high-reliability water to those who need it when they need it.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack said this was a key project for Tasmania, with water playing a vital role in the development of industry and communities.

“Only 25 per cent of the potentially productive land is currently being irrigated and limited water supply is the main impediment to expansion and intensification of investment in higher-value agriculture,” Mr McCormack said.

“This project could potentially catalyse an expansion of dairy processing and increased irrigation in the State by almost 13,200 hectares, creating jobs and driving investment opportunities.”

Senator David Bushby said the project will deliver a mini-hydro power station at South Springfield, estimated to generate 623kWh/ML, continuing our commitment to lower power bills and improve energy security.

“Water in this region is predominantly used for dairy production, livestock finishing and increased cropping and this project will be a direct investment in its future,” Senator Bushby said.

The Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme, located in northern Tasmania, involves the construction of a dam and supporting irrigation supply infrastructure to deliver 8,600 ML annually of high-reliability water to the Scottsdale and Waterhouse regions.

Senator Richard Colbeck said Tasmania was capitalising on the Australian Government's commitment to invest in irrigation across the nation, with this project one of a series being delivered in the State.

“This project builds on the suite of sustainable irrigation infrastructure projects co-funded by the Australian Government under Tasmanian Irrigation Tranche II program, including the Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme, Swan Valley Irrigation Scheme and Duck Irrigation Scheme,” Senator Colbeck said.

“Construction will see the delivery of a 9,300 ML earth and rock-fill embankment dam on the Camden Rivulet, along with supporting pump station and over 80km of underground pipes, as well as the power station.

The project will create 45 full-time ongoing jobs, provide $13.9 million direct economic benefits to the region, while improving drought security.

The Federal Government is looking forward to working with the Tasmanian Government in delivering this project, set to provide water by 2021.

For more information on the Tasmanian Irrigation Tranche II Program, visit http://www.agriculture.gov.au/water/national/tasmania/tasmanian-tranche-ii-agreement.