14 May 2020
14 May 2020
Transcript ABC News Breakfast Interview
Subjects: Virgin Australia, Rex Airlines, China
13 May 2020
Transcript Sky News Agenda
Subjects: Virgin Australia; Relationship with China; Bushfire recovery
23 Apr 2020
Transcript Interview with Paul Murray Live on Sky News
Subjects: Virgin Australia, Coronavirus, Victorian Police
22 Apr 2020
Transcript FIVEaa Radio Adelaide
Subjects: Swissport, Virgin Australia, Covid-19
22 Apr 2020
Transcript Triple M Riverina
Subjects: Virgin Australia, coronavirus, ANZAC Day
22 Apr 2020
Transcript Sky News First Edition
Subjects: Oil prices, Virgin Australia, coronavirus
21 Apr 2020
Transcript 2SM Super Network Radio
Subjects: ANZAC Day, Virgin Australia, coronavirus
20 Apr 2020
Transcript Sky News on WIN interview
Subjects: Virgin Australia, coronavirus
04 Apr 2020
The Latest, Channel 7
Subjects: COVID-19, establishment of Australian flight network overseas
03 Apr 2020
Paul Murray Live - Sky News on WIN
Subjects: COVID-19 response, regional airlines, regional health, profiteering on goods, foreign investment/purchases of Australian companies and petrol prices
16 Mar 2020
Press conference at visit to Riverina Oils
Subjects: Inland Rail; coronavirus
11 Dec 2019
Superyachts press conference, Airlie Beach
Subjects: Recreation Vessels Bill
29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019
News grabs - Triple M Darling Downs
Subject: Inland Rail agreement