07 Nov 2019
Doorstop with Channel 7
Subjects: Road to Recovery Funding; Drought Funding;
07 Nov 2019
Interview with Graeme Gilbert, 2SM
Subjects: Drought Announcement
04 Nov 2019
Stonnington Doorstop Interview
Subjects: Backpacker tax, NBN, Australia’s relationship with China, drought, new netball-basketball facility in Stonnington
30 Oct 2019
Interview with Laura Jayes, Sky News Live
Subjects: Drought; Farm Household Allowance; Energy
29 Oct 2019
Transcript Interview with Lisa Miller, ABC News, News Breakfast
Subjects: Drought response, The National Party, mining protesters
04 Oct 2019
Doorstop at Hildasid opening
Subjects: Hildasid Farm, ACT's legalisation of cannabis; SunRice
03 Oct 2019
Weddin Press Conference
Subjects: Drought Communities Programme assistance; dam building; Weddin Shire’s funding
03 Oct 2019
Echuca Moama Bridge Press Conference
Subjects: Echuca-Moama Project
26 Sep 2019
Interview on ABC Country Hour
Subjects: Water infrastructure in Tasmania; National Water Grid Authority; building more water storage across Australia.
26 Sep 2019
Interview with John MacKenzie, 4CA
Subjects: National Water Grid Authority, Queensland water crisis; Water Infrastructure
26 Sep 2019
Doorstop in Tasmania
Subjects: Dams, PM in America, Drought, Road Safety BBRF, Princes Highway funding
24 Sep 2019
Press Conference on Bournwood Farm
Subject: Drought Support
16 Sep 2019
Interview with Hamish MacDonald, Radio National Canberra
Subjects: National Water Grid Authority; Water Infrastructure; Drought; Gladys Liu; Foreign Investment;
11 Sep 2019
Interview with Ben Fordham, 2GB
Subjects: Question Time; Future Drought Fund, drought support, water infrastructure
28 Aug 2019
Bruce Highway press conference
Subjects: Bruce Highway upgrade; Queensland rail and road projects