04 Apr 2020
The Latest, Channel 7
Subjects: COVID-19, establishment of Australian flight network overseas
03 Apr 2020
Paul Murray Live - Sky News on WIN
Subjects: COVID-19 response, regional airlines, regional health, profiteering on goods, foreign investment/purchases of Australian companies and petrol prices
16 Mar 2020
Press conference at visit to Riverina Oils
Subjects: Inland Rail; coronavirus
11 Dec 2019
Superyachts press conference, Airlie Beach
Subjects: Recreation Vessels Bill
29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019
News grabs - Triple M Darling Downs
Subject: Inland Rail agreement
14 Nov 2019
Doorstop Sunshine Butterflies
Subjects: Sunshine Butterflies new family central administration block; climate change and the fires; drone noise; assistance from New Zealand to fight the fires.
11 Nov 2019
Transcript Radio Interview 2PK ROK FM Parkes
Subjects: Drought funding for Parkes
10 Nov 2019
Doorstop at Kawana Fire and Rescue, Marcoola Queensland
Subjects: Response to the Queensland and Northern NSW bush fires
09 Nov 2019
Transcript Press Conference
Subjects: Drought support funding for Lockhart Shire; bushfire response
08 Nov 2019
Transcript Interview with Jess Rouse, 2NM
Subjects: Drought Funding and Councils Missing Out; Recommendations of the Drought Strategy Report by Stephen Day;
08 Nov 2019
Loving Life Radio with Damien Fisher
Subjects: Drought support and irrigation
07 Nov 2019
Interview with Deb Knight, Today Show on Channel 9
Subjects: Drought assistance loan package for farmers
07 Nov 2019
Transcript, Press Conference Canberra, ACT

Subjects: Drought Communities Programme and Drought Funding

07 Nov 2019
Interview with Laura Jayes, Sky News Live
Subjects: Drought assistance loan package for farmers