20 Mar 2019
Doorstop at Independent Riders workshop, Maryborough Qld
Subjects: Funding for Maryborough Independent Riders workshop
20 Mar 2019
Doorstop Maryborough Queensland
Subjects: Regional Growth Fund; Rheinmetall; Maryborough Projectile Forging Plant; Defence Industry; Job Creation; Population Policy
19 Mar 2019
Press Conference - Warrnambool, Victoria
Subjects: Roads of Strategic Importance in south west Victoria; Lake Pertobe infrastructure upgrade; $75 billion infrastructure plan for Australia; Senator Fraser Anning; National Water Infrastructure Development Fund
14 Mar 2019
Press Conference
Subjects: $15 million Federal funding for fruit processing in Goulburn Valley; building better regions; marketing of Australian fruit; power generation; Federal Liberal and Nationals' Government; Mitiamo pipeline project
11 Mar 2019
Doorstop at EPIC Stadium, Coffs Harbour NSW
Subjects: Funding for infrastructure in Coffs Harbour; Building Better Regions Fund
07 Mar 2019
Australian Logistics Council Forum 2019 - Address and Q & A

I very much appreciate your attendance. I also appreciate it’s pretty early in the morning; you have a lot of deliberations and discussions to take place yet. I know you have had some earnest discussion yesterday.

06 Mar 2019
Press Conference: Building Better Regions Fund grant: Temora Airport
Subjects: Building Better Regions Fund—grant for upgrading of Temora Airport runway, apron and taxiways
06 Mar 2019
Press Conference: Building Better Regions Fund grant: Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre Ltd
Subjects: Building Better Regions Fund; grant of $307,442, to upgrade roof of Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre; risks to rural, regional programs and projects from a Shorten Labor Government
05 Mar 2019
New farming era: more ag red tape to be cut

Local councils are urged to get on board with a shake-up for the movement of agricultural machinery across the road network, which will be a game-changer for the nation's farm businesses.

25 Feb 2019
Doorstop - Wagga Wagga NSW: Multi-Purpose Stadium, Copland Street Wagga Wagga
Subjects: $4.4m grant towards construction of Exhibition Centre/Multi-Purpose Stadium, Wagga Wagga under the National Stronger Regions Fund; Independent candidates; climate policies; Inland Rail
25 Feb 2019
Press conference - Launch of Forbes Shire Agricultural Strategy 2018 - 2030
Subjects: Launch of Forbes Shire agricultural strategy; $9.2 billion Inland Rail; Newell Highway
22 Feb 2019
Radio 2CC Canberra Breakfast
Subjects: Practical investments in road safety; Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal; recovery effort in North Queensland; strong borders and a strong economy
06 Feb 2019
Doorstop - Giffard, Victoria
Subjects: Drought in Gippsland; Future Drought Fund; communications during emergencies; water infrastructure; Aussie Farms' charity status; media coverage of live export ban
06 Feb 2019
Press Conference - Tinamba, Victoria
Subjects: Water infrastructure; Gippsland road infrastructure; drought; financial services royal commission
05 Feb 2019
Press conference, Temora NSW
Subjects: Newell Highway corridor strategy; Royal Commission into Banks; Trade with UK, Europe