Doorstop at EPIC Stadium, Coffs Harbour NSW

Michael McCormack: It's a great to be here today with the Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker, and also the Nationals candidate for Cowper, Pat Conaghan. This is an epic grandstand for an epic stadium. This is the result of $6.5 million of Federal funding under the Building Better Regions Fund, in conjunction with the local council—Coffs Harbour City Council—making sure that we build the stadiums, making sure that we build the infrastructure, the sporting amenities that this community expects, demands, needs and most of all, deserves. This is going to bring so many national events to Coffs Harbour, national events which will put Coffs Harbour in the Australian sporting spotlight. This is fantastic; but not just for national events and not just the big AFL and Rugby League and cricket and touch footy events, but also making sure that locals are well-served, that local schools also have the facilities that they need.

This is just a great announcement. This is what happens when the Federal Liberal and Nationals Government work together to contribute to these great regions. And I know Pat Conaghan understands how important it is to build up these regions; to make sure that regions have world-class facilities. And here, just behind me, we have got a world-class, state-of-the-art sporting facility. The grass here, it's as good as the MCG, or the SCG or the Gabba, or anywhere in any capital city that you'd like to name or point to. This stadium is one of the best. It's going to have hundreds of people sitting down, watching the very best of sporting excellence in Australia right here at Coffs Harbour. How good is this?

Question: [Inaudible] sporting events to the Coffs Coast with these changes?

Michael McCormack: Oh absolutely. It's not just about the seating capacity. It's also about having the amenities, such things as broadcast facilities. We've got the lights here, we've got the media rooms here. And of course, it's about being able to broadcast these sports as well. Because when the AFL comes to town, when the NRL comes to town, when cricket comes to town, they want to be able to make sure that not only is it enjoyable for the people on Coffs Coast, but they want to broadcast, to telecast this all around the nation. And so they can do this with the media facilities that they have here. The change rooms, the media facilities, the sporting ground; it's just an amazing facility, and well-deserved. So well done, Coffs Coast. Well done to the council, and well done to Luke Hartsuyker, too, who fought hard and has always fought hard over his 17-year political career to make sure that there was the delivery of these sorts of facilities.