Doorstop, Carinya Aged Care Facility

Journalist: Okay. So, a bit of a final piece of the puzzle announcement, here. Who is this going to be benefiting in South Gippsland?

Russell Broadbent: Oh, it’s great to have Michael here. This benefits the whole of South Gippsland, because the people that come here come from all over the district. So Michael’s announcement today has made a real difference to Korumburra, and the people of this district so that they can age in place. One of the great dreams that we have in the whole of South Gippsland, all of Gippsland for that matter, is that people are able to remain with their friends, with their family; with all those that they’ve known into their old age. We call it aging in place, but this is a great boost for this proposal that was going to be limited. Because of Michael’s announcement today, it’s no longer limited and it’ll be the full bang, full on process – great development for Carinya, changes the whole place; great renewal and great modernisation; the best for our older people.

Journalist: And creating new beds as well, and new jobs?

Russell Broadbent: Yes, we announced 17 new beds, and one rest spot, was there? Seventeen new beds and one rest spot which was a great boost for this community. We’ve announced 221 HR beds across Gippsland. We have more than 200 in-home packages as well. So, we’re very proud of our investment by the Government at this time – by the Federal Government – in aged care in Gippsland, and we’re very happy with this outcome.

Journalist: So, was this separate to the recent Budget? The recent Budget – how is that looking at aged care for Gippsland?

Russell Broadbent: Well, that’s what I’m saying. The Budget has released a number of the a:care rounds, just before the Budget. That’s part of the Budget. This is also part of the Budget and the rain- we needed the rain anyway. I wanted the rain, anyway. We’ve got to have the rain!


Unidentified Speaker: We’ve got to have rain.

Russell Broadbent: So we need rain. Mud means money in Gippsland, so thank you.

Michael McCormack: It’s Coalition’s policy to make it rain.

[Unrelated/indistinct talking]

Journalist: So, today, what are we announcing and why is this important?

Michael McCormack:Well, the Federal Liberal-Nationals Government is committing $1.3 million to refurbish 40 residential aged unites here at Carinya. That’s a fantastic announcement. That’s going to mean such a difference for the people in those particular units. It’s going to refresh their units, fix up their showers and their bathrooms. And when they have a better ensuite, when they have a better place to live, they are able to live their lives much happier. And I know the work that they’ve done here at this facility. I know the lobbying that Russell Broadbent, the Member for McMillan, has done to get this funding. Without his work, without his advocacy, without his campaigning, this $1.3 million grant would not have been made. He cares about the aged care people in his electorate, and that’s why, last year, we made an announcement for 13,000 additional residential aged care places rightacross the nation. And the electorate of McMillan is benefitting from that announcement. And that’s also thanks to Russell Broadbent’s hard work and advocacy.

Journalist: Wonderful. So this is money that is going forward to a project. Looking at the Budget future projections, are you still going to be focusing on Gippsland?

Michael McCormack: Well, we always focus on Gippsland. We always focus on the electorate of Gippsland, the electorate of McMillan, of Darren Chester and Russell Broadbent. They ensure that the people that they serve get well looked after and this announcement today is fantastic. What it is going to do also is create 15 jobs during the construction period. So that’s good news, too. So, local contractors will be able to tender for the work and hopefully get it. So, that’s good for the local community – money going through a local community. And I know and understand having just spent some time in the car with Russell driving through the electorate how dry it is here. And I know coming from southwest New South Wales it’s dry there, too.

So, every bit of money that can be generated around a community, whether it’s building an aged care facility or refurbishing, such as this particular grant; or whether it’s through some of the Future Drought Fund money that’s flowing right throughout the nation; it’s money being spent in local communities. And as regional Members know, this money is so vital to help give them that bit of a lift through these dry times, through these hard times; but certainly with Carinya, a great facility. It does an outstanding job for the people who have given so much to the local community. They should be able to – the residents here – enjoy their life close to family and friends. And I know that’s important. Russell has made that point many, many times. They should be able to retire with distinction and with a good degree of knowing that they’re close to loved ones, close to support, and they can here at Carinya. And now they’re going to be able to do it in refurbished facilities. So, it’s fantastic.

Journalist: So, will the Coalition continue to focus on older Australians in the Future Funding breakdowns?

Michael McCormack: Well we focus on everybody, and certainly those people for Russell and I who live in regional areas – we focus on them. So, whether they’re farmers; whether they’re small business paying the lowest amount of tax since 1940, making sure that they’ve got that Instant Asset Write-Off extended to $30,000; whether they’re people who slipped through the cracks and can’t find work; or whether they’re people in the twilight of their life, we want to make sure that we’re there for them. We’re listening to their stories. When we’re going to Canberra, we’re acting on them and we’re funding such things as this today.

Journalist: [Indistinct] That’s all from me.

Michael McCormack: No worries. Okay.